Excitment and CHANGE!

God is moving in our lives and we could not be more excited! When Josh and I started dating he commented that he would like to be Foster Parents/Adoption. I on the other hand was DEAD set against it. NO WAY! NO HOW! I said I wanted to have our own first and enjoy them. We love our children dearly and enjoy them too! Almost 11 years later God has softened my heart, miracles do happen folks! About a month ago there was a serious of articles in the Indianapolis Star that ran about the need for Foster Parents and how helpless children were dying at the hands of parents, boyfriends, etc. This saddened me and inferiated me too! So, I went to the county office to find more information out and told Josh I was ready. He called and spoke to the Social Worker for our county and we were signed up for our first class. We went, learned about being a Foster Parent and the process to adoption. We also saw and heard some very raw feelings from the kids perspective. This past week we got a call about a sibling group that would thrive best if they were able to stay together and would we consider them. Josh and I talked and prayed about it. Called the Social Worker back and said YES! So, we are in the midist of becoming certified by the state of Indiana for Foster Parenting! This process is supposed to take 3-6 MONTHS but we are doing it in a matter of 2 WEEKS! Tomorrow DCS comes and does our home visit and we may have the kids as early as next week. The LORD has provided because I kept saying we don’t have beds for them, were not ready and yesterday a friend said she had a bunk bed and another friend said she had a dresser we could use. The LORD IS FAITHFUL when we are in HIS WILL!!!!! I am just crazy excited and can not wait for next week! I know many think we are CRAZY but if this were our kids I would want someone to do the same. And not ALL Foster Kids are BAD they just are put into a situation that is our of their control and need Love, Patientce and direction! Stay tuned and keep praying!