This is HOW I FEEL about MATH!!!! DO NOT LIKE IT!!!  Well, as of Friday I am OFFICIALLY DONE!!!!!  I am so excited to NEVER EVER have to take another Math class again!  I am taking a computer class in the spring that will require equations but that is DIFFERENT than just doing mathematical problems for the sake of doing math problems!  I have some fantastic math teachers that have helped me along starting in 7th grade with Mr. Kaiser, 8th grade was Miss Grossnickle, and 10th grade too.  At Ivy Tech I had Brenda Campbell who helped me a TON and then this last class was Pau Stalzman.  He is a LEGOND at Anderson University but an amazing teacher!  So, long math!  

I also found out that I get to graduate in 2.5 years with my degree in Leadership with a concentration in Christian Ministry!  I also get to take two music classes one for Science and then 19th-20th History Music!  SCORE!!!!  What are YOU celebrating today?


Father to the Fatherless!

“A Father to the Fatherless…” Psalm 68:5 NIV

A lot has happened since Thursday night!  God has blessed me with people to speak words and life into me during various times of my life.  He NEVER ceases to amaze me with the people I get to come into contact with and the people that he places in my path.  

Let me start with my friend Kevin, I met him at Ivy Tech back in 2009.  I was in a place in my life where I was in survival.  He showed me that the there was a better way to be treated.  He also encouraged me to get my back looked at!  He gave me the kick in the butt I needed!  He is one of those friends you can go for long periods of time and not talk to and you pick right up where you left off!  BEST kind of friend to have!  

Deb Parker-She spoke words of life into me as well.  I am grateful for Deb as she has confirmed my calling of ministry.  Many others have as well.  She was my “mom” in Fowler!  She showed me the body of Christ!  

A few weeks back I met Amber!  She is involved in the Elementary ministry at our church and has a few kids in the jr. high ministry.  Last Thursday I met up with her for coffee!  Our paths are similar.  Our passions are similar and I know that God placed her in my life to show me HIS family around me.

It would be wrong for me NOT to mention Judy!  She first saw something greater in me than I saw in myself!  Our path’s have gone in different directions but I know I can always call on her and I’m going to get a straight answer!  We all NEED a Judy in our lives!

Then there is Gary and Brian.  These two guys are stretching me in different ways.  But in good ways!  I am grateful!  Then there are those people who confirm your direction in life and encourage you on the pathway of life.

Are you going to step up to the plate and BE the FAMILY of Christ to someone who doesn’t have a physical family close?  That’s my challenge for you this week!


So, tonight I went to my 3rd SCC concert.  It was different but the SHOW was AMAZING!  SCC OPENED with The Great Adventure and then he came on stage intermentantly throughout the first hour with Josh Gray? and Laura Story.  I think Laura Story should be on the WOF tour!  She is a sweet sweet lady with an incredible story!  The crowd on the other hand was different.  It was not like a Third Day show where you stand most of the time.  NOPE we sat!  And when we did stand I didn’t feel like the crowd was into the music.  Maybe it was just that it was a week night and people were tired, maybe they didn’t know his music or maybe they were baptist and didn’t dance.  I don’t know but SCC and the others put on a fantastic SHOW!  

I realized FINALLY how tall I truly am!  That was an interesting revelation because this means to me that my daughter is going to be tall too!  Hmmmmmm.

I’ve also realized a few things about relationships.

1) I am afraid to be in a committed relationship.  I WANT that and desire that but it scares me.  Because I am the type of person who is going to give 110% but want to get in return.  

I am a HUGE encourager and know that I NEED to be affirmed and encouraged myself.  I am a very much what you see is who I am type of person and I am afraid of getting into a relationship where the person is one person on the front and somebody totally different later.  And not seeing RED flags.  I know I have the gift of discernment so this should not scare me but it does!  God is showing me areas that I NEED To work on from my past so it does NOT define my future relationships!  I need somebody who is NOT afraid to stand up to me and say “Hey!  I just don’t think that is smart”!  To call me out!  I have been blessed by a few of these people and you know who you are!  God gives us what we need!  Not what we WANT!  BIG differences!  I want somebody who can sit back and delight in my silliness and encourage me because you know what you will totally be encouraged! I GUARANTEE IT!  

Oh and one last thing PLEASE don’t call me hone, dear, honey, those are names for an animal and something that bee’s produce!  If I give you permission to call me those names that is DIFFERENT but when your first getting to know me please just keep it simple and call me Jen, Jenny, Jennifer, J.J., Cobby……anything BUT Dear, Honey or Hon!  That is equal to someone taking their fingers across a chalkboard!  

That’s all my ramblings for now! 🙂

How Could I Ask For More?

Yesterday was one of those days where we did simple things!  Sometimes in life we get so busy DOING that we forget the simplicity of life and to STOP and enjoy those around you because you never know what tomorrow will hold or what even the next moment will hold.  I spent the day with my three funny, and beautiful children!  Let me share through pictures what we did!


Digging the Guts out!









Finished!  William enjoyed carving his so much that Lily and Timmy let him carve the other two.


Learning the SECRET to making the BEST Sugar Cookies!


Yes we did ALL this in one day!!! LOTS of clean up!


IMG_1835 IMG_1836 IMG_1837 IMG_1838 IMG_1840 IMG_1843

Cutting them out and the best part DECORATING Them!!!!!


This is a BRAND spanking new song from Bethel Worship! Kari Jobe is singing it in this video. And while it is titled in another language SHE sings it in English! It is an amazing and powerful song of the resurrection of Christ!


This week has been one of blessings!  Yesterday I called Youth for Christ in Anderson regarding a flyer that was hanging at school.  The man who answered the phone was an older gentleman and was super excited because I was the first AU student he had that called!  I meet with him next week in regards to serving in the schools at the jr. high level!  This excites me because I will be serving in some schools that our youth attend!  I will also be able to send out support letters so I can GET PAID to do WHAT I LOVE!!!!!!  That in and of itself is EXCITING!!!!!!!!  

Last night at church I connected up with a wonderful lady named Amber!  She and I hit it off immediately and I was sharing with her about this opportunity with Youth for Christ and she is connected with it as some people in our church are!!!!  Then I was talking with another friend at church and he know’s the gentleman I am having the interview with!  He worked with him for years in Campus Crusade for Christ!!!!

Then here’s the KICKER!!!!  Today I was talking to my mom about how I was going to be raising support and what not and she said “Well, when GOD calls you, you must follow!!!!!”  Ya’ll if you knew HOW LONG I WAITED TO HEAR THAT COME FROM MY MOM’S MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My mom is a christian and is in the church but for the longest time it was always well how are you going to live?  You can’t live on a ministry salary.  While you may not have a six figure salary,  your NEEDS are met! You have more reward from the lives that are CHANGED!  

So, to say that I am headed in GOD’S direction is the most FREEING thing to be able to say!  I am at complete and perfect peace with where I am at and where I am going!


While these past weeks have brought shock along with contemplation.  The community we lived in prior is a rural community and is very close knit but as you learn when you live in a small community there is what is called “the good ole boy” system.  People get elected into offices based on WHO they know not WHAT they know.  I don’t know the facts as does not the community but this past week a choice was made to remove the superintendent.  This saddened me as he is an EXCELLENT example to the community of what it means to give back to the community.  When he was give the position his goal was to stay until he handed his youngest at the time their diploma.  This won’t be happening.  I don’t know the details behind why the school board made the choice they did.  BUT sometimes GOOD people make poor choices.  Does that mean you can’t still love them?  NO!!  KEEP ON LOVING THEM!   Does that mean that you go out and be mean and nasty to the School Board?  NO!  We can AGREE to DISAGREE.   The decision has been made and it is what it is.  If I lived there would I be happy about it NO!  But I don’t have the facts either.  The community can make the choice to continue on serving others well.  Or they can make the choice to grip and complain about something they can’t change.  Which choice will you make?