Grandma Cobb

Last night around 11:30p.m. Josh got a call from my dad that my Grandma had passed away.  She was found in her apartment on the floor.  My dad is in the hospital still.  He sounded a bit relieved but I can also imagine the loss he feels as he has been the primary care giver for Grandma for the past five years.  He has done an OUTSTANDING job! 

Grandma grew up in Kansas and went to nursing school.  I am not 100% how she got to Jefferson, Iowa but I know that she met Grandpa and and they were married and went to a Life Insurance conference for the honeymoon!  That is love!  They lived and raised three boys in Jefferson.  My grandmother was a registered nurse and worked mainly in Surgery.  She enjoyed her work there.  As her boys grew up and moved on she found interest in quilting, she had quilted every quilt.  She quilted with a group of ladies at her Church in Jefferson.  She also enjoyed playing cards and going with Grandpa to play the piano.  They enjoyed traveling to Colorado and Indiana to visit the grandkids.  She also enjoyed church and the least favorite thing that she enjoyed doing was making Raseberry jam!  The day after Grandpa died she got rid of all of her jam making supplies and never looked back!  A smart women I am told.  She delighted in her children, grandchildren and even five great-grandchildren.  I am so blessed that I she was my grandma!


These are the days

This past week has been filled with lots of tears on my part, lots of driving to appoitments and lots of getting little things done.  There has also been lots of laughter that makes up for the exhaustion.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything but having a nanny or maid would be nice! 🙂  There is a light at the end of this tunnel and the reward is great!


Piano Recital

Lily has been taking piano from Carolyn Patty for 7 months now.  She is a fast learner and I am a proud mom! Thursday was her recital at Carolyn’s home and it was wonderful to hear such talent from 8 young people!  It’s also neat to hear Lily play in her element in what God has gifted her in.  One of guest also has a strong interest in the piano and I am excited that he will have the opportunity to allow him to learn.  Blessed indeed even if on Thursday I was in my van 10 out of 12 hours.  But was worth it!

 Playing and Skyping!
 Just long enough to reach the peddles.


An Easter to Remember!

We awoke on Sunday morning around 6a.m.   Laying in bed stretching when the power went OUT!  Mind you we don’t keep flashlights handy!  So, my husband was finishing getting ready while the kids and I waited hoping the power would come back on but it never did!  Josh found a candle and lit that so he could stumble around the bathroom to finish getting ready.  I was not too  fond of caring the candle around with me.  Thankfully I had left my computer plugged in and it had juice in the battery so I was able to use the screen for light.  Little did we know that living in the country and not having electricity means you also have NO WATER!!!!  It is run on a well and if the well can’t pump well you get the idea!  So, Josh is running around getting water for our Easter sunrise breakfast and so that the kids and I could at least brush our teeth.   He brushed his BEFORE the power went out!  We went over to church to have our SONrise service.  It was SHORT because it was so cold in the church.  Then we headed to the fellowship hall which THANKFULLY did have power but NO WATER!  We enjoyed a nice breakfast and a time of fellowship with others.  And the Lord LET THERE BE LIGHT just in time for church to start at 10:30a.m.!  Praise Him!  HE IS RISEN!!!


Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail Hopping Down the Bunny Trail

Easter……..what comes to mind when you here the word?  Family’s gathered together for a big Ham dinner, Easter Egg Hunts out in the fresh green grass, dying eggs, getting lots of candy?  Easter means that to us but oh so much more than the candy, the baskets and the pretty dresses Easter means that JESUS CHRIST IS ALIVE!!!!!!  What in the world does that mean?  That means that Jesus died on the cross on Friday for you and me.  Was dead and burried and the TOMB was found EMPTY on Sunday morning because HE HAD RISEN!  Jesus Christ died for you and for me but he also rose so that we may have life ever lasting in him!  That excites me!  Can you imagine going to the grave of some one you loved to find out that they were no longer there!?!?!?!  That would be crazy, scary, and upsetting!  I can’t even imagine being Mary that Sunday morning years ago expecting to mourn and bury Jesus but much to her surprise finding him ALIVE!!!!  We have reason to get excited and celebrate that!