Life Has Been Happening!

Wow! It’s been along time since I have posted! There has been SOOO much going on in the last month! At the end of June we went back to Indiana to check out the air quality to see if Josh breathed better there than out here in Iowa. We were able to camp on Lake Michigan for three days! NO MEDS!!!!! And Josh was able to walk along Lake Michigan which was AWESOME! We have not been able to be outside like that as a family in a LONG time! One fun thing was we had just gotten our tents set up and it started raining so the all of us were in the tent just laying there and it was AMAZING to think of all the Lord has blessed us with in the last year!

After this trip we decided that it was time to move back to Indiana as we saw a totally 180 in Josh’s breathing! So, he talked to work about it and was anticpaiting having to find another job but the Lord opened a pretty AMAZING door for him and us as a family. Josh’s work is allowing him to “telecomute” from anywhere in Indiana. This is the first time anyone at his company has been able to do this and so we are praying it will work!

Also, by moving back to Indiana Josh is able to finish is Bachalors Degree! And we will be two hours away from South Bend.

Now we just have to go and canidate at a church and then Lord Willing be moving the last week of August!

I Love Iowa and hope to someday move back but Josh’s health and the kids having their dad around is more important than living in Iowa as a single parent.

So, when I know you’ll get our snail mail address and phone number. We will be by PURDUE!!!!!!!! GO BOILERS!