TIRED of It!

I am TIRED of the pushing your agenda down my throat. I’m tired of things I grew up with getting removed from schools. I’m tired of toys being renamed. I’m tired of foods being renamed. I am TIRED of all this.

You can view this how you would like but when something offends you in a way that you become passionate about it maybe it’s a HEART check. Maybe God is showing you this thing or that thing to have you examine your heart and life.

Diversity is ALL around us. It’s how you choose to perceive it. There is diversity in our churches. Some prefer hymns while others prefer modern worship. Some believe you should not go out on Sundays while others don’t hold that convenction. Some people are conserative with their finances while others spend it all. Each of us are unique in our own way and bring something different to the table.

The issue that I am seeing is that everyone is so focused on their own agenda instead of focusing on how to come TOGETHER and work with each other WHILE still appreciating their differences.

Because our skin colors and backgrounds are different, does not mean that we can not get along. WE CAN! Equaility is vastly different than shoving and preaching and telling me learn about this, that or another thing. I accept you AS YOU are…NOT HOW I WANT you to be. ACCEPT ME as I am not as you want me to be! Diversity is what makes the world a beautiful place.


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