Happy Birthday to my BROTHER John Bob Cobb!


I am grateful to have grown up with my brother, John!  While we nearly killed each other at some points in our lives we LIVED and we grew to love and appreciate each other.  My brother and I have a close friendship now despite our differences and the way we think.  Growing up my brother was the McGeiver and I was the negotiator!  I can’t tell you how many times I did things such as touching his Domino Rally track just before he had the last domino in place and sent it crashing to the ground or how many times he took rope and locked me in my room just because he could.  We had water fights and Nerf gun wars.  We shared a love for music.  I am grateful for my brother as we rode back from Iowa together after our dad passed away.  I was stricken with grief while he was driving and was tired of NOT seeing the smile on my face and told me to watch “TED”.  Yup, that stupid movie made me laugh a little.  I am grateful for my brother and hope that this weekend is a wonderful time of relaxation with his beautiful bride!  I love you John Bob Cobb!  You may always be taller than me but I will always be older! 🙂


What I’m listening to Wednesday (a day late!)

Well the LONG anticipated Crowder project came out Tuesday!  It is not like the David Crowder Band at all.  This has more of a twangy, southern gospel feel to it with little to no drums but rather the banjo, and a variety of guitars. The album is called “Neon Steeple”.  If your a fan of Chris Tomlin, you will like this as Crowder collaborated with Ed Cash in writing the songs for this album.  Ed Cash wrote with Chris Tomlin “Whom Shall I Fear.”   I am not usually fan of this type of music but find myself listening to this one song in particular over and over again!  “My Beloved”

And as my friend Dusty Wells tells people go keep your Christian Bookstore alive and buy the CD!

You matter!



Restoration is a process.

When you purchase a home with the hopes to do some restoration work, you are hoping to get it back to it’s original state.  You begin by chipping away and pealing back the layers that many have been put on the floor or the walls to make the home their own by the previous owners.  In some ways our relationships are like this.  We take different paths or change in hopes of making a relationship work.  You see, I was blessed with a “bonus” dad in the 6th grade.  I did not realize what a blessing he truly was until these past few months.  Sometimes it takes the loss of a significant thing in our life to refocus and work on restoring a relationship, much in the same way we peal back layers of wall paper or carpet to get to the original wood work.  In my relationship with my “bonus” dad, I am not wanting to go back and try to fix what has been lost but I am wanting to restore and lay the ground work for the future.  Today was a beautiful day both literally outside and inside my heart and soul.  My kids and I went up to my parents home, watched the parade, had hot dogs and swam.  My kids and their Grandpa, spent time bonding over Nerf Guns.  Something so simple, but yet brought such joy and laughter.  One of my children even said that this was “The BEST day ever”, and it is hard to get that out of him!  I am grateful that I am entering into this season of restoring and rebuilding my relationship despite my physical loss of my biological dad, God is giving me the opportunity to create memories and bond with my “Bonus” dad in ways that may not have other wise been able to.  It’s also a beautiful thing to see your mother as a grandmother filled with laughter when the grandkids chase after her and yell, “Grandma or Grammy”.  I will continue to write about this journey.  If you have a “Bonus” mom or dad in your life, and it’s not the best relationship, I encourage you to pray and seek God’s will that he would give you opportunities to restore that relationship.  I use the word “Bonus” as I was listening to a radio broadcast from Steve Arterburn refers to his “bonus” children rather than “step”.  I like the way “bonus” sounds much better than “step”!  I am going to leave you with this song “Glorious Ruins” by Hillsong.  We sang this in church yesterday and I can’t think of a  better song to describe what God is doing in this relationship.  It’s a beautiful thing.  

You matter!


What Did You Sing in church?

We were lead by special guest Lisa and Pete Bitar and team!  We sang, “I AM” by Crowder and I realized I have not shared this song with you all!  I am going to share the song and the story behind the song!  Here is part of the lyric “I am Holding on to You, In the middle of the storm I am holding I Am!”  “There’s no end to Amazing Grace.” So, grateful Ed Cash wrote this song with Crowder!  Because in the middle of life I am grateful that I have the hope of Jesus Christ to hold on to him.

The Story Behind the Song:

The Song



When you find something you have been looking for it’s a glorious thing!  Well a couple of days ago I was reorganizing boxes and opened up a mini cedar chest I had gotten from high school graduation and found this!  It’s long! 🙂

The Word of God Says:

I AM fearfully and wonderfully made….Psalm 139:13-16

I AM a new creation….2 Corinthians 5:17

I AM forgiven……1 John 1:9

I AM victorious…..1 Corinthians 15:57

I AM the temple of the Holy Spirit…..1 Corinthians 6:19

I AM delivered from the power of darkness and transformed into God’s kingdom…Colassions 1:13

I AM redeemed from the curse of the law…Galatians 3:13

I AM strong in the Lord….Ephesians 6:10

I AM holy and without blame before Him…Ephesians 1:4

I AM accepted in Christ….Ephesians 1:6

I AM blessed…….Deuteronomy 28:1-14

I AM qualified to share in His inheritance…Colassions 1:12

I AM the head and not the tail, I am above only and not beneath…..Deuteronomy 28:13

I AM dead to sin…..Romans 6:2-11

I AM LOVED……..Jeremiah 31:3

I AM SET FREE…….John 8:31-37

I AM crucified with Christ…….Galatians 2:20

I AM alive with Christ……Ephesians 2:5

I AM raised up with Christ and seated in heavenly places………Colossians 2:12

I AM His faithful follower….Ephesians 5:1

I AM the light of the world……..Matthew 5:14

I AM the salt of the earth….Matthew 5:13

I AM called of God….2 Timothy 1:9

I AM more than a conqueror…Romans 8:37

I AM an ambassador for Christ….2 Corinthians 5:20

I AM beloved of God…1 Thessalonians 1:4

I AM born of God and the evil one does not touch me…..1 John 5:18

I AM a king and a priest unto God…..Revelation 1:6

I AM a joint heir with Christ….Romans 8:17

I AM reconciled to God….2 Corinthians 5:18

I AM overtaken with blessings….Deuteronomy 28:2

I AM healed by the wounds of Jesus……..1 Peter 2:24

I AM complete in Christ…..Colossains 2:10

I AM the apple of my Father’s eye…….Psalms 17:8

I AM free from condemnation……Romans 8:1

I AM the righteousness of God in Christ…..2 Corinthians 5:21

I AM chosen…..1 Thessalonians 1:4

I AM firmly rooted, built up, strengthened in the faith and overflowing with thankfulness…..Coloassions 2:7

I AM a disciple of Christ because I have love for others……..Johns 13:34-35

I AM a partaker of His divine nature…..2 Peter 1:4

I AM God’s workmanship, created in Christ for good works…..Ephesians 2:10

I AM being changed into His image….Philippians 1:6

I AM one in Christ…..John 17:21-23

I HAVE all my needs met by God according to His riches in Christ Jesus……..Philippians 4:19

I HAVE the mind of Christ……..1 Corinthians 2:26

I HAVE everlasting life……John 6:47

I HAVE A guaranteed inheritance…..Ephesians 1:14

I HAVE abundant life…..John 10:10

I HAVE overcome the world 1 John 5:4

I HAVE the peace of God which passes all understanding…..Philippians 4:7

I HAVE access to the Father by one Spirit….Ephesians 2:18

I HAVE received the power of the Holy Spirit: power to lay hands on the sick and see them recover; power to cast out demons; power over the enemy…..Mar 16:17

I CAN do all things through Jesus Christ….Philippians 4:13

I SHALL do even greater works……John 14:12

I POSSESS the Greater One in me because greater is HE in me than he who is in the world….1 John 4:4

I WALK in Christ…..Colossians 2:6

I PRESS toward the goal for the prize of the high calling of God……Philippians 3:14

I KNOW God’s voice…..John 10:14

I SHOW forth His praise…….1 Peter 2:9

I ALWAYS triumph in Christ……2 Corinthians 2:14

CHRIST IS IN ME! Colossians 1:27

What Do You Save?

I save many things from pictures, to ribbons from 4-H, to cookbooks and Grandma’s recipe cards to my kids special paintings and perfect papers.  But the one thing that warms my heart more than anything and was a spirit lifter today was finding my shoe box filled with encouragement notes and finding some of my “Shoe Encouragement’s” from jr. high ministry days!  Yes, my love language is affirmation and my heart was over flowing with joy and love as I found and laughed as I read some of the notes. Here’s a picture of a few!


Yes, it’s the little things that bring me great joy!  A card in the mail is so simple but we often get tied up in the business of life to do so.  STOP what your doing and take the time to write a note to a friend or family member and BE the encouragement they need.  NOT a note on Facebook or Twitter but an actual paper, pen and stamp kind of note.  You never know whose day you’ll brighten!  And NO that is NOT my address anymore! 🙂

Music Tuesday!

What I’m listening to right now are these two songs!  “Christ Be All Around Me” off of Smitty’s brand spanking new album “Freedom”.  It is a beautifully written song that I see being sung in churches.  

“Above and Below Me,

Before and Behind Me,

In Ever Eye that see’s me Christ Be ALL around me”

 We all desire this who are Christians.

The other song is a little bit older but not too much and is by Laura Story.  I just caught it on the radio the other day and really grasped on to the words: 

Church arise and, sing for the joy
Sing for the joy we found
With our lives we, shout out Your praise
God, we proclaim Your Kingdom’s coming

I can’t recall if we have sung this in my church or not but listening to the song brings an excitement that can’t be denied.


Happy Tuesday y’all!  You Matter!


Letting Go……….


Over the past few weeks I have been having conversations with one of my good friends, Kevin.  Kevin is one of a handful of people who know and love me enough to speak truth to me even when I don’t want to hear it.   Judy has told me that I am smarter than I give myself credit for and beautiful.  My mother has told me the same.  Kevin well, these past few weeks has told me to quit searching for a guy!  And I thought you know what your right, I’m wasting way to much time focused on the WRONG things!  Focused on finding someone to make me happy when God is the only that can do that.  So, today I boldly was determined to put my focus into getting my school work organized and knocking out one class.  I can say I honestly can remember a few times in my life where I have had these “defining” change in directions and I never looked back moments.  This being one of them!  I am going to utilized the resources and the second chance that I have been given and give God my all in my school work.  I have taken down all but one of my dating websites.  Why not all, the last one is paid, gasp, yes, I was lonely and wanted interaction and I paid for a website.  Will be done in July and will come down.  If it’s in God’s bigger picture and plan then he will bless me with someone.  In the mean time I will quit searching for that “one” but rather search for the deeper relationship with THE one!  I am going to focus on completing my school with excellences, being the best mom I can be to my 3 beautiful children AND being the best I can be at my career at JcPenney’s!  He is faithful and will bless for that!

My Mama!


My Mom!  While we may not have always seen eye to eye, we agree to disagree.  You raised me in the faith and for that I am grateful to be grounded in.  You were there when Timmy was in the hospital, taken care of me when I wasn’t.  You have loved me even when I was unloveable.  You have still been there when I went against the grain.  You make things for me because you love me!  I am blessed and grateful for your talent and ability to be extremely talented!  I am blessed by your prayers!  The only thing I wish was that you would have married a farmer! Ha!  I am forever grateful though that you married Bill.  He loves you despite your crazy ideas at times!  You love music and do crazy things that I think of like take Rhett Walker Sun Drop pop!  While I can’t sing and you can sort of sing we make a fine group of music because it’s joyful!  



Over the past few weeks many emotions have been felt, fear, sadness, depression, joy, and anxiety amongst others.  You see I was working for a call center and enjoying my job but the season ended.  Thus left me with no job and one would think after a crazy busy season I would enjoy that.  I am naturally a people person, so to go from being around people most every day to not, this left me depressed.  I applied to go back to JcPenney and I also had a job lined up at Family Christian.  I was not too hopeful about the job at Family Christian.  I was going to take a summer science class and after talking to a few people, discovered that the class was very time intensive and many advised to look at another science course.  I was able to get all my summer classes online!  Thus opening up availability.  I went on Tuesday for an interview with JcPenney and the store manager was questioning why I was being interviewed since he already knew me.  I told him I thought the same thing but would go with it.  He wanted me to wait and wanted to talk to me one on one.  He wanted to, along with two other managers, put me in Windows.  I thought okay.  I can use my creativity in this department.  He told me it was commissioned with a base pay.  This made me a little nervous.  The other store manager called me today, and said as long as you maintain open availability you’ll be able to get the hours.  She also told me if I would work with her she would teach me everything I needed to know.  I am beyond excited about this opportunity!  As I gain the skills and training which I am excited about and my manager is excited about, this will open up the doors to my goals of management.  This is a stepping stone.  My managers believe in my ability, I believe in my ability and together great things are going to happen!  I am still going to continue in school!  But to be able to build relationships with people, help people reach their goals in their homes and be creative excites me!  Yes, I am bit nervous but confident I can achieve and succeed in this!