Rhett Walker Band

So, there’s this new, up and coming band.  They are playing at WFRN Friend Fest in a few weeks and I HIGHLY Encourage you all to GO and support them!  If you love any of these bands then you more than likely will become a QUICK fan of them!  They sound similar to THIRD DAY, or if any of you all remember a band called THIS TRAIN.  Right up there with them!  They are out touring with the them FAMILY, FAITH and Country!  They actually wrote a really amazing song for their wives and I hope that they will share it with you all!  These guys I heard first on K-LOVE’s Fan awards and they said “We are ALL a bunch of messed up people SAVED by Grace!”  So, so so TRUE yet so so so SIMPLE!!!! So, Here is their COVER ALBUM SONG!  Come to the River!  I feel like you should have a bunch of river dancers! 🙂 And another one of their song’s that is RIGHT UP there is BROTHER!

So the above link is to the song “BROTHER”!!
 “Come to the River”
Go find them and SUPPORT them!  They are AMAZING men of God who have been saved by Grace!  They LOVE some SUN DROP soda too!