I had bought the tickets to go see Chris Tomlin and on the Burning Light’s tour March 1st a few weeks ago.  I was very excited to go but a tad sad our seats were not exactly what I had hoped for.  This was my first venture out with the the kids by myself or so I thought it was going to be!  After having an emergency hysterectomy on Monday I was not really in that great of shape to venture into Indy with the kids.  My friend Kim had agreed to go if I could find an extra ticket.  Mind you Banker’s Life Field House that night was SOLD OUT!  I called Ticketmaster that morning and talked with the customer service rep. who was very funny but was able to get me 5 tickets in the 24th best seating selection!!!!!! It was stage right!  It was perfect as we were at the top of our section and so I did not have to worry to much about the boys kicking people.  It was their first concert and Lily’s second.  A fun time was had by all, the boys fell asleep despite the music being too loud in their world.  I had fun screaming and if the BURNING LIGHTS tour is coming to your city, state or even region, GO! GO! GO!  You will be glad you did!  Kari Jobe, Chris Tomlin, DJ Promte & Loui Giglio are in this tour and it is a CONCERT LIKE NO OTHER!!!! It was actually kind of funny to watch because it was a great mix of older adults and the younger kids.  You see DJ Promte gets the crowd going by doing just what the name imply’s DJing it up before the concert starts!!! He was a hoot to watch!  If you have a twitter account you get to send request’s for song’s for Chris to sing and be prepared to DANCE on GOD’S GREAT DANCE FLOOR!!!! And even if you are a “recovering non-Dancer” as Louie puts it just put a little movement in your feet!  Louie by the way gives a tells a very simple story in a very simple way!  Love his teaching!  And actually he has this really amazing book out entitled “I know I am not but I AM.”  That makes ya go hmmmmm……it’s an easy read!  I’ll post about that later!  I also learned that once you arrive at the destination with three kids as a single mom it can be tiring and you may wonder “why am I doing this” but then I realized that I am teaching my boys especially that even though they may not like going to a concert it was important that we were spending time together.  That is why I DID THAT!!!  Now here are some pictures! 🙂

 God’s Great Dance Floor! 

 Chris did his first ever “costume” change into a Luck jersey!
 Chris doing what he does BEST!!! Leading worship!
 Light’s and stage!
 DJ Promte!!!! BEST THING EVER!!!!!
 Pre show fun!
I pretty much sat holding one of my boys the whole time!  BLISS!
I have heard from several that you are reading my blog!  That makes me stinking excited!  So I am going to make an effort to write more! 🙂