What I’m Listening to Wednesday!

Okay y’all there’s some AMAZING new albums coming out this fall and I CAN NOT WAIT!  The top three that I am MOST excited about are :

“Ancient Gates” from Alanna Story



It comes out on September 9th!  Put this one at the TOP of your new music purchase list!


“Anchor” from Colton Dixon

This is his 3rd album and lyrically I believe to be quiet strong compared to the other two.  He’s also going to be out on the WinterJam West Coast tour!  Excited and refreshing to see him mature as an artist and lead his generation to a deeper relationship with Christ because in the end it is about Christ!  This is release on August 19th!

And last for the moment is 

“Light Me Up” by non other than Kevin Max!

K Max is defining Christian Music and breaking the mold! I LOVE that about him!  He beats to his own drum and creates a path where there has not been a path paved before!  The cool thing about the song “Infinite”, it has a catchy tune and my boy William was singing the other day in the car and it made my heart smile with JOY!

What are you listening to these days? Or should I say what are you looking forward to?


Concert Review! THIRD DAY, CoLtOn DiXoN, and jOsH wIlSoN!

First of let me start out by saying that I am enjoying more than I could have ever thought getting back into the concert venues again!  It has been over 11 years since I have attended 2 concerts in ONE year!!!!  Don’t EVER change the person YOU are for some one else!  If they can not accept you AS YOU ARE then they are not worth YOU!!!!!!

Ok….so here’s the story!  I had gotten my ticket’s to see The Miracle show right after the Chris Tomlin Concert back in March because the radio station that supported the Chris Tomlin concert mentioned that the Third Day show was just about sold out!  I had bought two tickets and my friend said so who are you taking.  To which I replied I don’t know!!!  You see I have been a long time THIRD DAY fan from back when they first started and were the OPENING act for the Newsboys!  Ya’ll I am either OLD or well seasoned in the Music arena!!! So, the week was approaching and on Wednesday I made the decision that I would not be able to go because of my daughter’s all day field trip to the OLD state capital on Friday!  I knew staying out until midnight Thursday night and going on a field trip at 5a.m. with 3rd and 4th graders would be a recipe for a grumpy mom!  So, I took my tickets to Northview and explained the situation to their receptionists, as itickets could not exchange them.  She said well maybe someone else is in the same situation as you are and there might be two tickets for TONIGHT’s show.  I thought o.k. that would be really awesome but what are the chances…right?  So, I left her my name and number.  I also tweeted MAC Powell from Third day that there were 2 tickets to the SOLD OUT Thursday night show and to bless someone with them!

Well, not more than 30 minutes later I get a phone call from the church that there are two tickets for WEDNESDAY night’s show waiting for me and I get a TWEET from MAC Powell…ya’ll getting a TWEET from MAC is like getting a PHONE call, letting me know that there were two tickets and to come on out and enjoy the show! I picked up the tickets from the church office and while doing so, drove by the tour buses and caught David their drummer taking some pictures of the BEAUTIFUL Indiana sky!  I chatted with him and thanked him for allowing me to come to the show!  So, the friend that was going to go with me was not able to go, I called another friend, nope, and finally I called another friend who REALLY wanted to come but had a mowing job to do early Thursday morning and could not come.  So, I went ALONE!!!  You may think wow that sounds not fun at all but in reality I am learning to be content doing things alone and basking in HIS presences!!!!!  I went and I sat next to the receptionists and she probley thought what did I get myself into??!?!  This girl can YELL!!!!  Third Day put on a SOLID, CLEAN Third Day show!!!!  The only part I missed was not as much worship but I guess it was not the WORSHIP tour! Ha! HA! 🙂 

Their opening acts were Josh Wilson which I was not familiar with but did recognize his songs and then COLTON DIXON!  You could tell that there defiently was the “teenage girl” factor as they scream so much higher pitched!  And they don’t jump up and down like Third Day Gomers do they head bang! HA!  O.K. So, I don’t watch American Idol, probaley one of the few in this country that does not but my MOM who is 64 does!!!!!  The crazy thing is I told her that COLTON DIXON sang and she was like your serious!?!?!  I said YUP!!!!  She KNEW WHO COLTON DIXON WAS!!! MY 64 MOM!!!! That is just CRAZY to me!!!!!  I will tell you this Colton Dixon is the REAL deal!  He is amazingly gifted and I can’t wait to watch him grow and mature as an artist!  His sister Skylar sang with him and Third Day as well!  A beautiful young lady!  I can’t wait to watch her grow in her musical talent as well!  My favorite song by Colton was SCARS!  I will write a post about my own SCARS another time!  But that is a great starting point to a book!

Great Concert and I am beyond grateful for Third Day being so REAL!