Show Us Your Singles-Jill

Presenting the Queen

Jill Campbell!

She is my cousin! Thus no match for her and my brother below! 🙂 Here is the 101 on Jill from Jill herself!

Fun, adventurous American girl living 35 minutes north of the Washington state border in Canada. I know this shouldn’t qualify me, but I am so close that I fly out of Seattle for most of my trips. And I grew up in Colorado and still consider it my home sweet home.
I am a nurse and I love my job. I came to Canada for nursing school and got attatched to the friends I have here, so I stayed. I do have a job that would allow me to go anywhere in the world. It is one of the things I love about it.

My family and friends know that I am generous and they are loved unconditionally. And I could go on and on about my nephews Lyndon and Sylis.

I love animals, especially dogs and I have a cat named Kona. Hawaii in 2008 was a highlight that I still love to this day.
Hobbies include camping, fishing, hiking, photography, roadtrips, and concerts. My favourite concert is a tie between U2 and Coldplay and Snow Patrol. I have safely traveled to distant places like India, Ethiopia, Japan, and oh yea Canada. It really isn’t all white winter in the area that I am living. It is more like Seattle, rainy and green.

I am looking for a man that can interact with me on different levels. I am well versed in many topics and can keep up with the best of them. I would love to make you laugh at some point too. 🙂

A few last minute facts:
I love international films and would love to one day be in Africa for missions, even if it is just for a short time.
I also don’t like to eat raw tomatoes. lol.

If your interested leave a comment and she shall see it! 🙂



September 11th

Where were you?  This question get’s asked frequently on this day.  I was coming downstairs from Grandma Shaefer’s house, just waking up watching The Today Show.  I watched as the second plane hit the tower and was glued to the t.v. for the rest of the morning.  I remember being in disbelief that this does not happen in the United States!  I remember thinking as I was watching that the towers are going to fall!  They were infernos and there was not way they could with stand the heat.  I remember watching them fall and thinking it was Ghostbusters with all of the dirt.  Josh and I were just a few weeks from getting married.  We were in Indiana finishing up a few details.  I remember going to Men’s Warehouse on Grape Road that afternoon and getting his suit.  Grape road was a desert!  I remember worry of gas prices going high to the $4-$5 range a gallon.  I remember driving home two days later and the interstates being packed full of cars because that was the only way to get home.  I remember the days following how our country came together and reached out to cling to something, anything.  Many went to church.  The churches were full but then people got back into their comfortable routine of sleeping in on Sunday’s.  Why should it take something so tragic for people to turn back to their faith?  Why should it take an attack?  During this day take some time to reflect on your life today and if you were to die would you have lived a life well marked?



Security what does that mean to you?  Health, Money, Home, Family, Love, Friendships, the list could go on forever!  I have not read Beth Moore’s “So Long Insecurity”.  Maybe one day.  These days I find myself filled with insecurities in my health and who I am.  As the time approaches to the one year mark of my surgery I am unsure of what the Dr. Khairi will tell me when I see him sometime in October.  I am fearful towards the x-rays.  I have been through so much and have trusted and clung to Jesus during those times so why I am allowing this fear to creep in?  Today I took one of my children in for their well child visit and the doctor said he heard a innocent heart murmur and said he saw slight scoliosis in his back wanting him checked.  These things while they are just that innocent that scare me to death!  Why?  I have been through so much with one child and heart defects I don’t want to go down that path again.  Even though I know that many children have these innocent heart murmur’s.  It’s just uneasy for me.  And then starting x-ray’s this young for scoliosis scares me to death!  Yes, I know we are just WATCHING it for now and keeping an eye on it to see if it progresses or not but I don’t want my children to have to go through what I have.  And yes I fully know he is young enough to catch and fix any problems.  I know all of this but knowing and believing and two different things.  I know he is in God’s hands and I am too but in our human flesh that does not make it easier!  May the Lord give me the strength I need to deal with the things I can not change.  If you would please lift me in prayer over the next few weeks and months.