"I AM NOT but I know I AM!"

I know what you are thinking….huh?!?!?!?!  You read the title correctly!  That is actually the title of Louie Giglio’s new book!  I HIGHLY encourage you to put it on your list of books to read this year!  I am enjoying reading it.  You say you don’t have time to read well YOU do have time to read Louie’s latest book because I bet you spend 5 mins a day in the bathroom on the royal throne, I bet you spend 5 mins a day in the car pick up line, heck I bet you even spend 5 mins a day in the drive thru line!!!!!!!  It is such an EASY read just a few pages each chapter BUT it tell’s such a SIMPLE SIMPLE SIMPLE story in an even SIMPLER way!!!!!!!

One expect from it that really hit home and has inspired me to make a wall hanging of this at some point and time!  Taken from “I AM NOT BUT I KNOW I AM” by Louie Giglo

“God was telling Moses,
I AM the center of everything.
I AM running the show.
I AM the same every day, FOREVER.
I AM the Owner of everything.
I AM the Lord.
I AM the Creator and Sustainer of life.
I AM the Title Holder of the universe.
I AM the Savior.
I AM your Source.
I AM more than enough.
I AM inexhaustible and immeasurable.
I AM God…………………..”
to paraphrase what Louie say’s next if God’s name is I AM then our name must be I AM NOT!
I am not the center of everything.
I am not in control.
I am not the Source.
I am not the solution.
I am not all-powerful.
I am not calling the shots.
I am not the Owner of anything.
I am not the Lord…………..
I am not running anything.
I am not the head of anything.
I am not in charge of anything.
I am not the Maker.
I am not the Savior.
I am not holding it all together.
I am not God.”

Giglio, Louie. “I AM NOT BUT I KNOW I AM Welcome to the Story of God.” pgs. 33-35. Colorado Springs. MULTNOMAH BOOKS, 2005, 2012. Print

Louie shares another story in the book about how one year he was at GMA week and anyone who is anybody has a lanyard around their neck.  And the more decorative the lanyard the more important they are.  He shared how he wanted to take a black sharpie and cross out everyone’s name and put “I AM NOT” on their name tag.  You think that is strange and in the secular world it is strange…you want them to know WHO YOU ARE!!!!!  But in the world with Christ we are NOT because he is I AM!  and I am thankful that he is the I AM And I AM NOT!

DISCLAIMER:  I did not get paid or bribed to write this about Louie’s new book!  He doesn’t even know I wrote