Thankful for this person!

Grandma Trish! Josh’s mom! We have not always had the best of times but she has been very very helpful during this season of life and I am very appreciative for her! Without her I would not have clean clothes, dishes or house! My kids love their Grandma Trish and I am grateful for her!


Thankful Thursday!

As we are in the full midst of the season of Thanksgiving these are some things I am thankful for!

1) God’s Grace- I am thankful for the underserving 2nd chance at a lot of things in life!

2) God’s Mercy- I am so underserving!

3) For a doctor who is not afraid to ask around for opinions on my back.

4) For a brand new straight beautiful back with NO PAIN!

5) To be home for Thanksgiving! I missed my kids alot and was a source of alot of tears!!!

6) I am grateful for my dad! He is AMAZING!!! He and my 95 year old grandma drove all the way out to Indiana the day before my surgery to see me and spend all day Friday with the kids! He also spoils us in lots of ways too!

7) I am grateful my husband has a job that provides warmth, a roof over our head and money for food and gas!

8) I am grateful for all of our health! I very grateful that Timmy is with us! He says the most sweet and sincere prayers at meal time!

9) I am grateful for the opppotuities we have been given this year such as an amazing trip to Flordia and Beaver Island!

10) I am thankful for WOF!!! I have been blessed each I have gone and continue to be blessed by social networking with the speakers!