DISCLAIMER: Today has been an emotionally rough day!

We live in a world of brokenness!  My parents were divorced after 19 years of marriage.  I’ll never forget being in 5th grade gym class and proudly telling Mr. Foster, my parents are celebrating 19 years of marriage today to which he responded I hope they have many more!  Little did I know that my world was about to change and my dad was going to leave for Iowa and come back for a little while then leave for Colorado then come back for a little while and then leave for Iowa again this time for good.  In between those times my dad was hospitalized for various mental disorders.  This rocked my little world of being a 5th grader.  All of a sudden my dad is gone!  I dealt with the situation the best any child could have.  I was in counseling all throughout jr. high and high school because this was a strange time for me to begin with and now adjusting to a “new” dad and home.  This was not how life was supposed to be and I am sure my kids think the same thing but it is how life is.  Each summer we would spend a week with dad in Iowa.  This was the best week of the year because we got to plan what we did.  Some times we would go back to Jefferson, go swimming, ride bikes around town, go shopping in Boone, Carol, Des Moines or Ames.  We would go to Adventurland  each summer as well.  Dad would give us $50 or $100 in cash to spend on whatever we wanted!  Being a teenager and getting to spend cash given to you on whatever you wanted was exciting!  I would buy clothes, lotion, music or jewelry.  Some summers we would go to Wisconson Dells and one summer dad let me drive to the Mall of America!  It was exciting!  Little did I know how much my dad delighted in watching us spend the money and enjoy being kids with him!  Then it was back to reality back in Indiana.  Back to the broken world that we would now have to wait another year before we could see dad again.  Back to waiting each week in hopes that we would get to talk to him on the phone.  Waiting each week for his weekly diary letter and yes the $1 bill or stick of gum that John and I would fight over. In some ways I am sure God sits and waits for us to call him.  We should call and talk to our heavenly Father as much as we can!  He delights in that! As I grew older and become more involved in work I grew apart from my dad and was angry for the situation that I had no control over.  And Yes I am well aware at some point my children may become angry at me for the way things have gone.  I don’t really remember the exact moment I just remember growing apart from my dad and not wanting to spend time working on our relationship.  I think it was him being in Iowa and me in Indiana and we lived two different lives.  But I am not 100% sure.  I am sure if Sly, my old boss from McDonald’s, was reading this he could help me recall as I spent many hours talking to him about this!  Then I met Josh and he suggested moving to Iowa.  I was excited at the thought but did not want to get to excited because I would be closer to my dad again.  GOD’S HAND WAS IN THIS PART!  You’ll have to come back tomorrow to see what happens!!!!!!