Moving yet again……………

Last Spring my husband asked me if I would be interested in moving to Fort Wayne.  I said, “Nope”!  I’ve got a good job and the kids will grow up and end up where ever.  I’m very open with my kids about life and was telling my kids how Byron had an interview up in Fort Wayne but I did not want to move up there.  My daughter, in her child like way says, “Mom, you always get promoted wherever you are!”  I still was stuck in my way’s and was not going to move!!!  After all I’ve moved 9 times in my life!  6 of those in the last 18 years!  Fast forward to August, when my husband calls me on a Wednesday night with panic in his voice, “We need to talk, I have an interview in Fort Wayne on Friday.”  Uh, okay, tell me more.  So, he goes on to share how he received an offer for his “Dream Job”, teaching adaptive P.E.  I felt total peace about the situation and knew God’s hand was on it.  Byron had a great interview and we waited to hear back.  The following Monday I got an unexpected call, my ex lost his job and home as a pastor. Our children live with him.  I finally understood WHY God had given me such peace.  We are moving an hour closer to our children.  God is FAITHFUL and I have even found a new opportunity!

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