Royal Wedding

I am not sure if you are like me but I am over the Royal Wedding! I am glad that they are married and wish them a happy life together! But this did get me thinking! Wouldn’t it be AWESOME if the thousands upon thousands that watched THE Royal Wedding on t.v. or in person took the invitation to Christ’s royal wedding where we are called to be his bride and he our bride groom! That gives me chills just thinking about it! Now is the time to stay excited over Christ’s Royal Wedding!


Every Where I Go!

This week’s topic on the WOF blog hop is…..Do you have “other” mother’s or are you one? I am one to the kids that come over and play at my home. Many times in the summer kids will end up at our house. There are days I LOVE it and days that it’s chaotic and hectic! I enjoy it and am learning to embrace this roll as I look at the children as a blessing from him. Some may get fed only from my home that day. I may be the only listening adult ear they have to talk with. I am working on being open and receptive to these little ones that come to our home.
The title of my blog is Every Where I Go because throughout my life I have had many people who have had the mother influence on me and those who have been my mom when my biological mom was not around. We had Grandma Wanda who we would spend time with while mom was working, we had momma Shirley who loved on us as her own, there has been Mama Beth and Grandma Dottie, Deb and even my Aunt. So, many Godly women who have had a huge influence in my life. Women who have come along side me and loved on me when I was unlovable. Women who have stood in the gap and gave me guidance and direction. Perspective that I needed not always what I wanted to hear but what was spoken in love. I am grateful for these women who have been in my life. I will continue to be grateful for those who allow me to come over and cry, share a cup of coffee with and laugh with. So, who is influencing you or who are you influencing?

Children’s Musuem

Yesterday I went with the preschool on a field trip to Indy. We went to Build-A-Bear workshop and the children’s musuem. Both were a fun time! The Children’s musuem had a special exhibit for Easter. Well known pictures made out of Jelly Belly Beans. It was very neat! Here are a few pictures to share with you! 🙂


Yesterday Marilyn Meberg asked Have you ever felt Abandoned and how did you deal with that emotion? Have you ever felt all alone in a room full of people or in a crowd? I know I have! I know I have felt abandoned by everyone around. The good news is Christ does not leave nor forsake us! I know this but some times having the head knowledge is not enough for the heart. We have to believe it! How do you do that? I struggle with loneliness all the time! It’s a tough emotion that the enemy loves to play with!


My doctor had just seen my x-ray’s 5 mins. before he came into to talk to me. He didn’t have a lot to say expect I was a first for him as a patient! He had NEVER had a patient BEND their titanium rods! He said that I have defied all technology he has and so he was going to be using me as a “research” project to see what he could do with my back. Dr. Khairi is going to be confering with his colleagues around the country including the top kyphosis doctor in the U.S. in California which he worked under for a year to see if any of them have ideas or suggestions. And to see if any of them have seen a patient bend their rods. I am not in alot of pain. He said that my back started off at 109 degrees on Sep. 17th and after surgery was tightened to 62 degrees. 2 months later I was at a 70 degree angle. Then Thursday I was at an 85 degree angle. The rods are to keep my back straight but they did not do that. He said it has to do with my biological make up of the bones and NOT WITH ANYTHING I HAVE DONE! So, I am just going to continue to work on my posture and wait to see what he can do in the mean time.

The Story of Your Life on the Big Screen

This week at WOF Shelia is talking about the Story of Your Life being played out on the big screen. I am still wrapping my mind around the fact that God is CRAZY, MADLY in LOVE with ME!!!!! and YOU too!!! He know’s EVERYTHING we have ever done or thought. Yet he STILL loves us!!! I Love that about God! He is the ONLY one who will LOVE us unconditionally! How AMAZING is that?!!! So, the story of my life would be played out as a Drama. And I am not really sure who I would want to play myself out? I am not big into who people are in the Movie world. I know that there would be a lot of high points along with a lot of low points along the way. How about you? I am thankful that the the God of the Universe LOVES ME no matter what I have done or thought. He still loves me and all I have to do is ask him to forgive any wrong’s and they are washed away by his blood! Thank You Jesus!