Ring Shopping

Well, this past weekend Byron and I went ring shopping, yes for an engagement ring.  To get the info out of the way here you go:

How long have you known each other? Since July

Isn’t that awfully fast?  It’s all a matter of opinion and when God is at the center of a relationship you allow him to lead.

While he has not YET proposed but will sometime around Christmas I am told, we have a date set.  The reason we have the date set is because he coaches wrestling and we need to check out when was after that and also when we would have our kids at the same time.  This marriage is not only about us but it’s also about brining two families together.  We also know the importance of the time alone following the wedding and he will have spring break AFTER the wedding.

This relationship is like none other.  I’ve blogged about it.  I have stepped back and allowed Byron to lead.  That is God worked on my heart and prepared my heart for Byron prior to us ever meeting!  With God’s help Byron is the leader in this relationship.  God has taught me about his love that I am so unworthy of through Byron.  I am growing and learning still!

When we started talking about marriage he was the first to bring up the premarital counseling classes!!  I didn’t have to say a word but I was thinking it!