What a boy must do!

Last night William wanted to protect this remote control car. Timmy had gotten it last year and William was determined that Timmy was NOT going to get it! He even took it to bed with him and wanted to sleep with it! Oh the things kids doo to protect toys that they don’t want to share. It makes me laugh!

Beautiful weather

Yesterday we had some beautiful weather out! I have been waiting for this gorgeous day for awhile now. I spent most of the afternoon planting bulbs for the spring! I love to plant the bulbs and enjoy the beauty in the spring! I have blanted over 100 tulip bulbs in one flower bed, 50 daffadills in another bed and a box full of iris’s that someone had give us. I love to make our yard beautiful. I would have contineud planted the rest of the tulip bulbs but the dear bulb planter had other plans for my hand and I got a big blister that poped. Not fun at all! Hopefully it will be better and I will be able to finish planting my bulbs this next week. What do you enjoy doing in the fall?

Procrastination is not always the best idea!

I am learning about this now at the age of 31! I spent the weekend busy around the house and neglacted my school work because I knew that I would have all of Monday afternoon to do my homework with only one child at home. Well….it did not happen that way at all! At 11:53a.m. I learn that I am going to be filling in at Timmy’s preschool at 12:10p.m. Yes that is right I had less than 18mins to get ready but it gets better because I was in the middle of doing laundry and had no clean clothes! Well at least jeans! So, on November 2nd I wore capries to preschool. It wasn’t that bad actually and we had fun. I did get all my homework done with an hour to spare before the class it was due in! All in days work of being a mom!

What a busy weekend!

So, this past weekend I had intended on making cookies on Saturday but instead ended up cleaning out and hanging all the kids toys in the garage. That was quiet the job because those lovely little orange hooks that you screw into the ceiling to hold all your toys…um yeah….they are not as easy as they look to put in. It took alot more time than I thought but hopefully I won’t be having to do that anytime soon! So, Sunday afternoon the boys and I spent time baking cookies. Later I’ll post the finished product but wanted to take time to blog a little as I am pooped! Oh, my where did this weekend go!? Will the fairy come to my hosue and do my laundry…oh where is she when you need her the most?

It’s Timmy!


Both my little cooks!