It’s been a Loooooong Time!

As it is the end of April and I have not posted since November of last year! That is a long time!! I thought though I would start blogging again! I enjoy reading other blogs and so thought I should try to keep up with mine! 🙂

Today while the kidos were all at school I was able to get along with Josh the garage cleaned out enough to start thinking about getting the porch cleaned off. Notice I said start thinking about. You see our porch has collected everything that I have not wanted to do something with since last fall. So, let the processes begin. I have a slight motivation though. There is a door that leads to our backyard somewhere on the porch and with summer coming and our town pool closed for the summer we are looking into purchasing a Intel swimming pool. So, there i lies my motivation. We live 35 minutes from the nearest town pool in Lafayette. With that comes cost of driving there, admission and food. So, in about 2 weeks we will defiently save the money in this investment. I am very excited about this! It will be nice to go swimming when we want to rather when the pool is open.

Have a great weekend!