Hi! I will be Missing In Action for a while. We are moving this weekend to Fowler, IN. If you look at a map of Indiana it is about 25 mins NW of Lafayette, IN on I-65. It is a town of about 2200 people. My high school had 3000 in it! Oh yeah! It’s small. So, if you want to contact me you better do it by Saturday A.M to get a response otherwise I’m not sure when it will be that I will find time to go to the Library or when we get a computer of our own. Who only knows. We will have our cell. Well, if you know our cell number or want our snail mail you can email me and I’ll probley give it to you if I know you! Anyways I will talk to you later! Have a great weekend! Blessings! Jenny Please pray for us as we will be driving on Sunday three vehicles, our car (me and the kids), moving truck (Josh and my dad), and the jeep (Sandy and possible trailer). Please also pray for baby Kate she is still having some heart issues but doing MUCH better!


Boxes, Tape, fun times!

As we are preparing for this next phase in life. I have been cleaning and repacking some boxes. It has been a joy to go back and look at all the memories we hold on to. There have been pictures that I have found and just laugh. Then there are the ones that bring back memories of a loved one. Then I found a box full of encourgment notes! Those were just AWESOME and made me SMILE from ear to ear! Gotta love a hand written note! They never get lost or go away due to technology. Then you just look around you and can’t believe how blessed we are by the amount of stuff and things you have and don’t use or do! So, as I must go to continue packing I might come across something that makes me think of you!