Looking Back and Looking Forward

This past year has been one full of change! For the most part of January and February I don’t really remember much. I was on pain meds and slept alot! William turned 4 in February and we celebrated with a family party at home. He loves Dinosaurs and so he had a Dino cake. March and April brought new life around with the tulips popping up. Along with April brought the news that I had BENT my titanium rods and would need further surgery. After my doctor got over the shock of the rods bending and never having a patient do this before! May brought a busy month. I think every May is busy! We celebrated Lily’s birthday before our trip to Walt Disney World. She had a fun time in her class and the kids all flew on an airplane for the first time. It was a special time to spend with family and friends at Disney and Sea World. Josh stayed behind to be with his Grandmother who was recovering from a stroke. June brought the close of another school year for the kids. The boys had a trip to Build-a-Bear and the Children’s Museum with their preschool. Lily ended the 2nd grade. June also brought the news that we would be moving in a 3 week time span. Not alot of time to pack or say good-byes but everything made it! June also brought the news that I would have to have surgery again on my back. We attended our Districts first ever POWER RALLY at IWU with some friends from church. This was a blessed time of fellowship with others and gave us the opportunity to fellowship with our new congregation. July we celebrated the 4th of July in Fowler and moved the 5th to Grant City! We enjoyed the town parade and our own little fireworks. Moving was a very trust growing event for me. We have always rented a moving truck. This time the church said they had enough people with pick up trucks to move us! Imagine seeing all your earthly possessions piled HIGH on the back of pick up trucks, tied down with rope going on a 2 hour trip! It was TRUST and God’s hand of protection that it all made it in one piece on the truck!!!! At the end of July we went to Beaver Island, MI! If you ever get the chance you should go! My high school freshman Biology teacher talked about Beaver Island ALOT and I remembered it after all these years and it sure was worthy of TALKING about!!!!!! It is a 2 hour boat ride to Beaver Island, the Island has one paved road and the rest are gravel. The beaches are powder white with the water clear and blue as the Caribbean! It is relaxing and you are on Island time!
In August we got Lily and Timmy registered for school, 3rd and Kindergarten. We are blessed with a small school. I also took a semester of classes at Ivy Tech. After much deliberation about giving in, I finally agreed that I would not be able to purse nursing as a career with Stainless Steal Rods in my back. I am still interested in the health care field and continue to work towards a job in that field. August also brought with it celebration with family and friends as Josh was ORDAINED in the Wesleyan church! This was a huge accomplishment and my Uncle John came out along with my grandma, mom and dad. It was a wonderful time! September was filled with busyness and Lily starting piano with Sandi Patty’s mom, Carolyn! Tuesdays are a highlight of my week. I smile the whole time Lily is at lessons. October brought the celebration of 10 years of marriage for Josh and I. Not always the perfect marriage but God has gotten us through! We spent time doing things as a family as I had my second back surgery at the end of October. Not knowing if I would be in a wheelchair or what. The Lord brought me through the surgery and recovery amazingly with little to no pain. My dad and Grandma came out the day before my surgery and surprised us. The kids got spoiled by Grandpa the day of my surgery and I was grateful for that! November brought us a time of thanksgiving and gratefulness for all the Lord has done. December brought a warm Christmas and new traditions. Josh graduate with his Masters in Ministry and spoke on behalf of the student’s at commencement. We went to the Indy Zoo for the Christmas Lights and enjoyed that! We had a wonderful Christmas and time celebrating Timmy’s 6th birthday! Whew…I am tired just writing this! If you made it too the end with no pictures in this post…..you are AMAZING!!!!!

This next year brings with it excitement and wonder. I am hoping to work towards full contentment in the people around me.

Merry Christmas!

Today was a blessed day! I was excited that Christmas was on Sunday this year! It was a wonderful time of singing and joining my family and a few others celebrating Christ’s birth in his home. The kids were up at 6:30a.m. today and spent an hour or so opening gifts. I love that they get into giving each other a gift and watching them open it! It is such neat thing to watch with Joy on their face! We played with the new toys for a short while, then got dressed and went to church. While there were a few in church the spirit of Joy and Thankfullness was strong! We came home where Josh yes, JOSH helped in the kitchen getting ready for Christmas dinner! I think having him in the kitchen HELPING me prepare a big meal was so romantiac! LOVED IT!!!!! We ate, and after eating way too much William and I took a nap as Josh visited with a few clients from his job and then took them back home. We LOVE having people over for meals with us! After nap time, I got up and spent the rest of the day putting together Lego Sets and Trio sets! They are time consuming but fun. It has been a neat time of putting the Lego’s together for me as there have been many improvments since my brother and I had Lego’s! They sure have come along way! I hope that you and your family had a blessed Christmas!

Timmy YOU ARE 6!!!!!

I remember it just as you were born yesterday! The night before you were born we had gone to Mommy’s favorite little resturant called Kecly’s. Mommy had Prime Rib!! Yummy!!! Well, it was yummy until I had gotten sick and could not eat or drink anything after midnight! We got up the next day ready to head to the hospital at 10a.m. We arrived and got checked in. We got to go back into the OR early and you were born with a flood of water all over everyone at 11:57 a.m. Dr. Rebelsky said “It’s a BOY!” Daddy did not believe her until he saw it! He was very excited to have his FIRST SON!!!!! We stayed in the hospital until after church on Christmas day. You were such a good baby. You had a hard go of life in the begining but are doing amazingly well now! You are aspiring to be a “Race Car” driver! You enjoy reading about racing and maybe in the next year you will get to go to your first NASCAR race!! I am very excited for you! I love watching you grow! You are 110% all boy! You love to chase your sister around and gross her out! I know she really enjoys it even though she screams the whole time! You are in all day kindergarten and doing great! As a matter of fact today for the first time you colored IN the lines! Your teacher and I were very impressed with that!!!! I Love You!

Jennifer’s Person of the Year!

As I was listening to the radio while driving this past week. KLOVE’s DJ was talking about the person who was on the cover of the TIME magazine Person of the Year issue and asked who would be YOUR person of the year. If your still following me YEAH!!!!!

As we go through different seasons of life I think that there will be different people who qualify as the “Person of the Year” in our lives. As I think about that “Person of the Year” for me my mind races of people who have touched my life, challenged me, streched me out like Silly Putty, encouraged me, and have been there for me during the HIGH’s and LOW’s over the past year. Yes, there is my Heavenly Father who knew ever detail of my life before it happened, there is my earthly father, there is my husband, my kids and on and on. These are all people deserving of this honor. This year though for me the person who has been there and listened to me cry when I was scared, laughed with me, ran through Disney World with me EVERY DAY we were there, sat with Josh while I was in the OR for 8 hours the first time last year and 12 hours this time, the person who spent countless hours driving me to and from Indy for doctors appointments when I could not drive, the person who helped pack and move our lives to the other side of the state in a short 4 weeks, the person who I am honored and blessed to call FRIEND is KIM GODBEY!!!!!! Thank you for being the older sister I never had. Thank you for listening and being there over the phone or in person. Thank you for YOU!!!!!! I am going to try to high light other people in my life over these next few days too! Blessed INDEED I am!!!