Rest for the Weary!!

In Matthew 11:28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I WILL GIVE YOU REST!”

When was the last time you took time out to rest in His presences?  These past two weeks I’ve had the opportunity to go to some good friends “Camp Parker”!  They have a really cool little underground house!  I’ve had the opportunity to stay there.  Its peaceful!  It reminds me of spending many summers at Camp Adventure, the place I felt closest to God.  Its a great place to go because I get to unplug from the cell phone world!  At first I was frustrated but I learned how much I needed that peace!  And granted I did not take the opportunity to lay out under the night sky, it is no doubt God who created the star lite sky!  Take time to rest!  We live in a day and age where we want it now but yet we are so desperate for the peace and quiet!  The few things I cherished over these past two weekends were the fellowship despite sinking chairs, amazingly yummy home cooked food and the bugs in the bathroom!  Yes, BUGS in the shower brought a smile to this face!   Why you ask because it brought back memories of camp!  The shower how ever was beautiful clean clear water bliss!  If you’ve been to Camp you know exactly what iron, rusty water I am talking about!  The other quirk that made me smile was to keep the shower temperature “normal” you had to have the sink water running too!  :-). Its the little things that make me smile!  So, I encourage you to make a way to find time to take rest!  Be blessed as you bless others!