100 Days to Brave


I have started on this journey about a week ago.  I am going to be the first to tell you that I have NOT stayed on task but you know what, that is OK!   We all know that life can get busy.  I have found the best time for me to chew on the nuggets of truth in this book is at night just before bed.  The main take away from this past week has been when we read through 1 Samuel 17 and examined the things that David had been called when he choose to take on the giant Goliath!  He was called conceited v.28, wicked, young v.33.  I don’t know about you but I do struggle with the lies the enemy feeds me.  That I am not good enough.  I doubt myself and my ability.  How many times have you, “heard a lie, you treat it like truth, and it begins to define you, like a label.  And then you act out of that label.” (p.15)  Satan wants nothing more than us to be defined by HIS label so that we don’t do God’s work that he has designed us to do.  So, be encouraged to be brave as you go through this next week.  Don’t let the enemy tell you that you are not good enough because you are already more than enough!

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