Hello ole bloggy blog!

It’s been over a year since I have posted!  So much has happened in life!  Currently life is in a good place.  God has provided us with an apartment MUCH closer to our jobs, which leaves a lot more time for life living!  We were driving 1 hour and 30 minutes EACH way to work.  Both of us!  Let’s just say, we functioned!  Now we are living life!

I am blessed beyond measure with an husband who is not afraid to speak truth when it is needed.  Since end of May, I have been trying to let go of a friendship I had for 6 years. It was HARD!!!  That person had been through the highs and low of  various parts of life. They had been there through losses and cheered through the victories!  But as only my husband can do he spoke truth, it was hard for me to swollow and let that relationship fully go.  Oh, how freeing it was though!

Now, we are building new friendships in our community!  I had not ridden a bike in 12 years and 2 weeks ago rode 15 miles!  I have people cheering me on as I work to get healthy and focus on a 5k in May 2018.  We are living life and it’s a beautiful thing!  I am grateful to be where we are at in life.

Weekly I am meeting with a group of ladies for dinner.  It’s a beautiful thing to have a community of people to live life with.


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