So, this summer has been an emotional filled one.  My ex and I have experience mediation and it is quiet an emotinoally roller coaster.  B kept gently telling me that once I forgave my ex I would find freedom.  I’d been fighting it!  A few weeks ago we were at a Matthew West concert and he played his song “Forgiveness” and I immediatly knew what I needed to do.  You can hear a song and know the meaning but in that moment it was speaking straight to my heart.  I looked at my husband and said you are right, I need to forgive.  I didn’t say much more to him about it but rather this past Sunday at church the message was on Forgiveness.  Are you seeing a pattern here?  Well, I made the choice to forgive on Sunday and have felt freedom.  Don’t get me wrong last night I was a mess of pain and hurt but the anger was not there that has been.  Today we had mediation and I am at peace with how it turned out.  It’s amazing how something so simple can cause us lots of pain and frustraion.

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