National C-Section Month!

C-Section….those words brought FEAR!  Fear of the unknown!  Fear of not being in control.  My doctor had advised me that a C-section may be in my future if my placenta did not move up!  It had been low lying the whole pregnancy but some how a few weeks before it had moved up enough to try a Natural delivery.  I had talked to a few nurses in the months before my delivery and one said something that was life changing “WE PREFER C-sections!”  That eased my mind!  I had high blood pressure and was on bed rest until Mothers Day.  We went in that afternoon after church to try to ripen the cervix which we were not successful!  I stayed in the hospital over night and was miserable!  My doctor tried again the next day.  No progress and I was tired!  She came in that afternoon and said, “we can try one more time and have a baby tonight OR I can send you home, get some rest and we can try again on Wednesday!”  I wanted to go home more than anything!  I went home, which was maybe 10 blocks away, fell as lee and woke up to a feeling of wetting the bed.  I went to the bathroom to only have my placenta falling out all over! I wanted clean clothes and my ex wanted me in the car!  I got in the car and GOD had everything planned out to a T!  I got there and the nurse that worked with me was still there and I begged her to stay with me! She did!  My doctor and the anesthesiologist was at the hospital.  The surgeon was on the golf course and came in, in his golf gear!  I was rushed back to the OR where my daughter was born 30minutes later!  I was awake, she came out pooping, peeing and screaming!  I don’t remember too much after that.  I remember shaking and seeing my daughter.  I was asleep due to pain meds and being anemic and woke up the next morning!

Timmy was perfect pregnancy, perfect c-section on schedule with lots of water but 5 weeks later he was in the hospital fighting for his life.

William was scheduled February 16th…but a few weeks earlier I went in for a check up and the nurse said…I bet your going to have this baby today! I laughed!  Well, she was right…I was admitted to the hospital for high blood pressure and protein in my pee.  I do NOT like being on bed rest at all!  So, I tried to get up and go walk the halls to find a Dr. Pepper but the nurse said, “What are you doing?  Get back in bed and lets see how much this cost you!”  The next morning, I ate breakfast and knew when the doctor came in around lunch time that a c-section was going to happen.  This was my second emergency c-section.  William was born at 36 weeks…he was 6lbs.  That c-section experience was by far one of the best.  He stayed in the OR with me until I left!  The staff was so fun, we were talking about roller coasters while the doctor was digging and prodding to get my baby boy out!

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