Facebook or the way of Jesus?


So, for many many years Facebook has been the first thing I woke up to and the last thing I said “Good Night” to!  I’d check Facebook many times throughout the day!  While I’ve enjoyed being “Friends” with people on Facebook…..those relationships are not going to last.  Real life relationships are going to last.  That is what will matter in the end.  My relationships with Jesus needs to be number one.  It needs to be the first thing I wake up to and the last thing I say “Good Night” to.  Will it matter how many likes I had on a post…NO….what will matter is did I look up from my phone and make eye contact with that hurting person and smile.  This was an EASY choice for me.  I thought this would be a difficult choice because of the amount of time I spent checking Facebook but it was not.  When God is in it, it is so much easier.  The chains are broken and victory is mine!  Between my husband making comments about people posting everything in their life on Facebook to the pastor last Sunday sharing about how Jesus was about relationships.  I thought I used to be that person and I want to get back, being about relationships.  Facebook will NEVER fill an empty void in my life that can only be filled by Him.  I may check it every now and then but it will not fill my life.  I am feeling good about this choice.  Jesus is a better way.  People are a better way!

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