Pain Pain GO Away and DON’T come back!


This has been a week to remember and one for this history books!  Last Saturday afternoon I started to get a dull pain that would come and go in my shoulder.  It was tolerable but I laid flat most of the afternoon.  Sunday came and I got up and went to work.  It was tolerable but I started to take pain meds.  Monday the pain was rearing to kick me in the butt!  I was on Tylenol every four hours.  I left work to go and have a medical massage to see if this would bring relief but ah NO!  I left in tears and the pain at this point was a SHARP pain as in someone digging into my left shoulder with a knife!  I went back to work until my time to leave.  Tuesday morning I woke up in unbearable pain with no relief in sight.  Putting ice on it, it felt like sizzling a fire!  I went to the ER at IU and they took x-ray’s.  The ER doc said “that area is hard to x-ray.  Have you had any trauma?”  I said, “Nope, but I did bend titanium rods so I don’t fit the “normal” text book patient.”  X-ray’s taken in tears and an hour later two scripts one for a muscle relaxer and the other for anti-inflammatory.  I got them filled and was not going to go to school that night. I also called my Neurosurgeon in in Indy to pull the X-ray’s up and take a look at them.  He did and did not see anything however in a month he wants a full set of scoloi x-rays, a CT Scan and an MRI!   I took the medicine religiously and the pain was getting worse not better!  I had a lull in the pain and went to school as it was the last night of the class and lasted all of two hours.  I got home, laid on the heating pad and went to sleep until 12:30a.m. when that ugly pain reared it’s head and I was attempting to get pain meds without screaming because it flat out hurt to stand.  It felt as though there was no muscle on my left shoulder.  I took the meds and at 4:30a.m. was up again in pain I wanted to scream!  I called work and explained I would not be in, in tears.  I was worried I’d loose my job and the pain was so intense I couldn’t stand it!  My roommate decided she’d take me down to Methodist in Indy where my back surgeon is.  I got in there and waited and waited and waited.  Finally the doctor comes in and says “It sounds like nerve pain! And there is not a single pain medicine that can help with this!”  She had PT come in and work on the area.  Now mind you at this point the only comfortable position was lying down!  PT has me stand up and sit up and tests my muscles, more like torment me!  But all was in tack!  Then he say’s “Is the left side always raised like that?!?!”  And I said “Uh, NO!”  So, he proceeds to put ice and electric treatment along with showing me some stretching exercises.  He tapes the muscle and I’m headed home with a script for PT and a steroid!  I get home and get comfortable and think Thursday will be the day I can FINALLY go back to work!  Nope!  I go in and then send me right back home!  I thought Friday! Nope the pain was the WORST and at this point I was ready to do anything!  I finally called for PT and could get in later that day and I also found an Acupuncture person that could get me in that morning!!!! PRAISE GOD!  The Acupuncture finally provided the relief I needed!! I have used Acupuncture before my back surgery and found relief!  I was so grateful!!  Now I rest tomorrow and hope to work on Sunday!!!!!!!!!

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