The Table

I absolutely love this song!  I don’t know about you but for me communion is something that is rich, and brings healing and hope to it.  I love this song because communion represents many times I have had healing through communion.  It’s an outward representation of what Christ did for me on the Cross.  He dies for a sinner just like you and me!  I can remember growing up as a child and sitting with my parents as the communion plates were passed but not making the connection, as I was in jr. high I can remember breaking the bread and dipping in the cup as my counselor served us.  This took on deeper meaning as it was a physical outward symbol.  Then as I grew I was the one serving.  I can recall the first time I served, I had it all backwards saying “….campers name, this is the blood broken for you….”  The camper didn’t care it was the action.  I got it right after a few mess ups and you know looking the person in the eye and saying their name brings about a powerful connection.  When given the opportunity I love serving communion because as you make that eye connection with the person and say this is the body of Christ broken for you or this is the blood of Christ broken for you, it brings hope that there is more to this life and Jesus loves us so much that he did this for us!

I am actually quiet excited to have this song sung at Byron’s and I’s wedding as we take communion and then give our guest the opportunity to receive!  It’s going to be an amazing thing!

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