A Sunday to remember!

Yesterday Byron and I went to church in Dayton, IN at the United Methodist Church.  I was excited because I love hearing Pastor Mike preach and I love seeing Shirley!  These are my pastors from about 3rd grade through 6th grade but our lives intertwined throughout the rest of my adult life.  Here’s the cool thing, Byron and I have been searching for a church and I think we may have found it!  It was amazing to worship next to him and listen to a sermon preached not on “The Story” but on balancing “Grace & Truth”!  We had the opportunity to go out to lunch thanks to Mike and Shirley!  It was neat for me to see my fiancé connect with people who matter to me!

We then went to the Purdue Women’s Basketball game and I loved watching the game in person over t.v.!  After the game we made a short drive down to the Purdue Airport where my friend Kevin works!  He has been there for me over and over again and it was extra special to see Byron and Kevin connect just like they had known each other for ever!  That was exciting because to me that means we can hang out and do things together as life allows!

Next stop was Fowler!  We popped in on several friends and ended the evening with a scrumptious dinner cooked by Deb Parker!  We went over our premarital counseling and it was so neat for her to see us interact together!  I am grateful and blessed!

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