Christmas Eve and the Rockettes!

Christmas Eve has always had a special place in my heart but this year it marked a VERY extra special place!!  Why you might ask?


Well, because THIS happened!!!!

Yes!!! It’s OFFICIAL!!! Byron and I got engaged!  I KNEW it would happen on Christmas Eve but just was not sure about the when! 🙂  He had mentioned he wanted snow but in Nashville it was a balmy 50 degrees with no snow in sight!  We went to the Rockettes at the Grand Ol Opry!  This was something I had always wanted to do and what more perfect time than to spend it with the one I love!  The Grand Ol Opry is a beautiful venue and I would go there again for an event!  Not a bad seat in the whole place!  And you gotta love sitting on a padded church pew!  The Rockettes were amazing!  Towards the end of the show though, I thought to myself what a great performance but not a mention of Jesus and his birth but WAIT!  It came in the form of a beautiful living nativity!  I’ve seen MANY live nativities and this one toped them all!  It was absolutely beautiful and well done!

After the Rockettes we went over to Opryland hotel and walked around the gardens.  We eventually made our way outside and waited for the lights to come on.  Many things were going through my mind, one it’s awfully muddy out here for Byron to get down on bended knew and the place he wanted to propose we couldn’t get to.  Well, we could have jumped the wall but that would have been fishy.  This is where he wanted to…..


We went back inside the Opryland hotel and at this point had walked over 3 miles!  I was ready to go to the car and thought oh well he’ll propose at 1a.m. in Downtown Indy under the tree.  As we were headed towards the doors to leave Byron was like “wait, where are we going” and I said “to the car”.  He was like um no we need to go back to the garden.  Away we went on our walk to find that perfect place.  We found a gazebo with a few benches and that is where the proposal happened!  He started by saying that the rose he had given me earlier in the fall was a symbol of his love in action and then he said the next step is to make a promise to take care of the kids and I and at this point I just about started to cry but the smile was way to big on my face!  Then he said he wanted to spend the rest of our lives together and I said oh that is a long time! 🙂 Then he pulled the ring out and asked if I would accept the ring and marry him!!!!!!! Of course I said YES!  June 6th is when the blessed event will happen!  I seriously did not know I could love someone so much the way I love Byron!


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