Happy Thanksgiving!

While the Thanksgiving’s over the years have been each different.  Growing up as a child I recall we had a group of friends who we would either go to their home or they would come to our home.  They were the McDonald family and as kids we would go through the Black Friday ad’s circling the things we would want to see under the tree then the mom’s would get up early and try to get one or two things off those lists.   There was the adult table and the kids table as well.  Many memories were made including a song about my brother “Johnny Corn Cobb why oh why do we love you!”  We would sometimes go to work with my dad and watch the newest release along with the hundreds of other families who had eaten too much but wanted to spend time together.

Then those times ended and we had Thanksgiving with our small family.  As us kids grew up, I would work on Thanksgiving and the dinners were just another day to celebrate on the calendar.

As I got married we would go home for Thanksgiving each year but over the years we would have a Thanksgiving dinner with my family and some friends in Iowa.  Those were some of my favorite Thanksgiving’s but the best one was when my bonus mom and dad cooked dinner at their home and it was one of the first time’s my mom had cooked a turkey.  Lily held the heart of the turkey.  It was memorable!  Both my grandparents were still living.

Then there were the Thanksgivings following my back surgery and my parents came down to have dinner with us. I am grateful that we were able to create memories of Thanksgiving in our home!  Now this year is different and  I look forward to creating new memories with Byron and his family with the time that I have.

Working retail is a different beast as we give up our Thanksgiving’s to serve the people who are wanting to get the best deals on stuff.  That is all it is, stuff that won’t matter years from now!  What will matter is the memories I create with family.  That is what matters.

For this I am grateful for the warm house I am in now, for the laughter of five children that awoke me this morning and the love that overflows from many places!

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