Thanksgiving thoughts

Today while I was at Wal-Mart I observed that they don’t open until 8p.m. on Thanksgiving night!  Great call!  Wal-Mart may be one of the largest box stores around and they get that family matters.  I’ve worked in grocery stores that were open until noon on Thanksgiving day and that was because they were small family run stores where the owners family was making sure the doors were open.  I don’t need to state where I work as those who read my blog know this already.  We are opening at 5p.m. on Thanksgiving day to get an edge on the competition.  Is an hour really going to make a differences in sales to help get the company into the black?  When did we loose the importance of Thanksgiving as a day that we set aside to give thanks for those who came across on the Mayflower?  But rather we are more concerned about making a dollar.  While I know my store leader will be there, where will the people in the corporate office be?  At home with their family.  Shouldn’t those who are in the higher positions take pay cuts that will help the company long term rather than hope for a quick fix on Thanksgiving by an hour or two?

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