Dusting the blog off!

Hi ya!  It’s been a long while since I have posted!  I have been knew deep in school work and in work itself along with this beautiful relationship and kids!

A few things I’m learning!  As I set off to finally finish my bachelor’s degree at Anderson University, I never imagined what would happen.  I thought okay I’m going to attend these classes and finish the requirements to get the piece of paper to get that job.  Well, God has other ways of using what we think is just another task to mark off the check list of life for GOOD!  I have been in a course over the past 5 weeks called Christian Communities and Vocation.  Going into the course I didn’t think much of the requirement but rather just saw it as something else to be checked off the list.  Well in the 3rd week, God broke me and I sat weeping in class as I was realizing the impact my dad’s life had on me.  Also, I was realizing the importance of priorities.  This last week has been one that I didn’t expect either.  Last Tuesday we were given the task of writing a 12 page paper.  At first I thought your giving us a week to write a twelve page paper.  CRAZY!  The first four pages were a contemplation pages where we wrote on a life experience that was guided by a question.  We then had to ask someone we respected but didn’t know us all that well to read it.  I asked my store leader at work to read it.  I knew he would be reading it on Saturday night and I was kind of nervous because I was very vulnerable but yet at the same time the long I thought about the questions, the deeper I dug into my own layers of life and quite honestly it’s a good thing we only had a week to write the paper because I would have rewritten it five times over if we had longer!

The other thing I’m learning is God’s unconditional love and undeserving we are of it.  I am learning this through my relationship with Byron.  Having not experienced the kind of love that he shows me and the way he treats me in the past, it’s a whole new experience and the way that God is using this for me to understand how we are very undeserving of His love but he choose to die on the cross for us is HUGE!!!!  I am so stinking grateful for Byron!  God has blessed me more than I could have imagined!


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