Neon Steeple Tour

This is a photo less concert review!  There’s a first time for everything!  I went to my FIRST Crowder concert last night in Indy at Old National Center!  The last concert I attend there was with Kari Jobe and I was not impressed with the venue.  Last tonight was a totally different feel!  Let me say this if you have NOT seen Crowder LIVE you MUST put this on your BUCKET list and go see him!  I have been to many concerts from TobyMac to Chris Tomlin to Third Day to Newsboys and Crowder is by far my FAVORITE concert!  Don’t get me wrong the other guys have great concerts but Crowder took it to a whole new level!  His set included a “Dog”, a down south front porch, a whole lot of instrument variety, and a ton of Crowder!  The light show blows even the “Hits Deep” tour out of the water!  It was a small stage in comparison but the lights couldn’t compare!  The only draw back was that the word’s to the songs were on small t.v. screens instead of actual screens but other than than…AMAZING concert!

Capital Kings opened and provided the electric vibe with even some Hillsong Y&F and “God’s Great Dance Floor”.  All Sons & Daughter’s was up next and they had an intimate worship set that was bluegrassy.

Neon Steeple Tour you get an 12 on a scale of 10!!!!!  Thanks for stopping in Indy!

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