Well, Byron and I have been spending as much time as we can together.  It’s amazing to see how when God is the foundation and your focus on Love being an action not just a feeling or emotion how different your relationship is!  He is easy to make happy!  When I think my cooking is terrible, he’s like nope!  Ha!  One Sunday he told me he had gotten us a book!  I was excited and even more thrilled when it was a devotion book!  Each time we are together we do this devotion and it leads to a deeper discussion.  Our conversations are easy and flow usually with one of us saying I’ve been there too!  It is amazing to me how God knew exactly what we both needed and has provided more than I could ever imagine.  I know understand when people say they are so undeserving because I know that I have said that in regards to this relationship but man I am glad that I do get to experience this.  A really cool thing that has happened twice this week, I ran out of milk and eggs on two separate occasions and he said, oh I’ll run and grab them.  He opens the doors for me.  As our relationship continues to grow and the foundation is continued to be built, I am glad that God is allowing me to go on this journey.  Tonight Byron met my kids and we went swimming and out to pizza!  It was a beautiful thing to see my kids connect with him.  At dinner, they acted in their normal manner and I just shook my head at some of and Byron just laughed and said oh my this is normal because his kids act the same way!  On the way home I told the kids we would have cake for breakfast and Lily pipes up and says but mom Byron needs cake too!  🙂  I’ll update again in a few weeks as God continues to have his hand in this journey.  Anderson’s pool now has another important memory for me!

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