Last night I posted that I had gotten an “A” in my Christian Ministry class and I was excited about this!  One of my friends said “And your surprised by this?”  Why yes and no.  Yes, because I waited until the last minute to write my final paper and no because God has prepared me for this moment.  While I have never been good at school, I struggle with it but when I finally yielded to God’s call on my life and not my own, this thing called school is getting easier because ministry is what makes my heart beat fast!  This Sunday as I was sitting in church it was like his still small voice was reaffirming my call to ministry, speaking to me and tell me that God has prepared me for this moment in time.  I’m still unclear as to exactly what area of ministry that God has called me to but I do know this that as I walk in HIS will life is easier!  When I was walking on my own it was oh so much more difficult because I was in a battle against His will!  Don’t let the enemy destroy your dreams and passions and callings by saying “YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH” because friends let’s face it “YOU ARE MORE THAN GOOD ENOUGH YOU WERE CREATED FOR THIS MOMENT!”  When God call’s you answer, when God calls he’ll provide away, when God call’s you have to stomp all over the face of the enemy because he doesn’t like it when God’s children answer because Gods army is growing and the enemies army is shrinking!

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