It’s been quite the journey!  Four years ago I was anxious, scared and most importantly afraid!  I am grateful that I serve a God who is BIGGER than all of that!!!  Four years ago today I was in the trauma OR at Methodist Hospital in Indy, having my back broken because it was at a 109 degree angle crushing my internal organs!  Here are a few pictures to celebrate where I have been!


This first one is of my back pre-op. 109 degrees!  The second one is of my back post of at 63 degrees!  And the third one is of me a few weeks post op at home!!! YEAH!


This is the AMAZING doctor that said “I can FIX your back!”, the first time I met him!  Dr. Khairi at Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine and his amazing NP Stacey LaMasters!!!  Won’t ever go anywhere else!!!

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