Who Do YOU Inspire?


Last week my daughter Lily shared with me how she had to choose an adult that inspires her and write them a letter.  She says “Mom, I picked you!”  I was surprised!  I thought really?  If she only knew how many days I feel as though I do a terrible job at being her mom.  How I feel at times when she calls me crying and all I want to do is run and scope her up in my arms and protect her.  But then I get a letter that goes like this:

“Dear Mom,

You’ve inspired me.  You inspire me all the time.  You tell me that I CAN when I think I can’t.  You tell me that  I’m special.  You help me get through my rough times at my dad’s with my grandma and dad and Shay.  Do they make me want to pull my hair out or what!

You help me get organized.  You tell me I can!  That makes me feel A LOT better.  You tell me stories about what happened to you.  When I’m upset you make me feel better.

I love you so much.  I can’t wait to see you today!  You inspire me a lot.  I know god gave you a gift.  Thanks for inspiring me!  Please keep doing that!



That letter is getting framed!  Priceless words that point me in the right direction that I AM doing the right thing!!! 🙂  Proud to be her MOM!

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