When God’s In it!

Y’all the past year or so has been an interesting one in regards to dating!  I’ve been on just about the majority of the dating websites from POF to eHarmony to Christian Mingle to others searching for Love.  I’ve met a wide variety of men but most of them had no desire to have a Godly relationship but they were much more interested in Friends with Benefits!  I even had a guy who I really liked and saw for a  little over a month and came to find out he was STILL Married!!!  Back in June/July my best friend Kevin, was like just take your profile down and STOP looking!  I took my profile down from all but one and that was Christian Mingle.  There was a guy who lived about an hour away who contacted me but had NO PICTURE!  Normally I just blow those profiles off and don’t respond BUT, I responded with “Do you have a picture? Here’s my email!”  He sent the picture and I was like okay he’s not some weird guy and we chatted for a few weeks.  We then went to email because my subscription ran out for chatting!  We had planned to meet at a State Park to hang out but he had gotten sick from his kidos.  We rescheduled a second time but God works in ways that we don’t see and he had gotten offered a teaching position down in Indy which is closer to where I work! 🙂  He had a week to clean out his old classroom and prep his new classroom AND get ready to coach 8th grade football!  So, we rescheduled again!  This would be a 3rd time! 🙂  I was working on a Monday night and he came into the store.  I was on the phone and I thought THAT’S HIM!!  He walked by, and I thought “Dang It! Missed Opportunity!”  So, I went and stood in the luggage department hoping he would walk by again and HE DID!  I locked eyes with him but didn’t way a word!  I went over to the phone and did a credit announcement and he came back down the middle aisle of home and I walked up to him and asked if there was anything I could help him with? And he kind of stumbled and I said “Are you Byron???”  The ice was broken and we chatted!  He had successfully SURPRISED me!!!!!  That is kind of hard to do if you have spent time around me!  Since he is the assistance coach for 8th grade football, I’ve been to a few games because PRESENCES matters!!!!  We got to spend time together on Saturday and I am amazed at when God is in the middle of a relationship how different it is!  Ladies DO NOT COMPROMISE!!! NOT WORTH IT!  So, while we were out and about he opened the car door for me, which is HUGE because I usually open it before any guy can!  And yesterday he bought a book “The Love Dare” for us to go through, which spoke volumes to me because it means that he WANTS to be the leader and that having the BIBLE as our playbook in our relationship and Christ as the foundation is UBER Important to him!!!!!!!!  Stay tuned to see where this goes!!!

Oh one more thing!  I LOVE watching Women’s College Basketball and he’s not a fan of Basketball!  He coaches Wrestling as well and I’ve NEVER been to a wrestling match!  So, he commented that on a Friday night when we were watching a Basketball game after he would explain wrestling to me!  I was completely taking away because to have a guy want to watch Basketball with me was like YIKES!!!! in a good way!!!!! 🙂

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