How Do You Do Ministry?

The other evening I was out with a few friends and we got on the topic of ministry.  I told my friend that I didn’t do ministry the way the church see’s ministry and she said “Well, how do you do ministry?”  At first I was taken back by this question but it challenged me to express how I DO, do ministry!  And this is how I do ministry, I do ministry with people I am around every day.  I do ministry amongst the broken and the hurting.  I don’t do ministry in the realm of 4 walls and expect those broken and hurt to come to me.  I go out where they are.  I love them where they are at and it is with that they will see Jesus through me.  I don’t preach at them, I love them.  That is what Jesus did and that is what he called us to do.  LOVE!  So simple but at times so hard!  We in the church often have these ideals of how a Christian should look, act and talk and that shuts a lot of people off and away from the church.  We need to focus on where they are and how we can help them take their next step towards Jesus not away from him.  We need to judge less and love more.

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