Happy Belated Birthday to my mom!!!

My mom’s birthday was YESTERDAY!  I posted a video on Facebook for her!  I saved her from posting some old old pictures of her from when she was much younger!  


My mom is 66 this year!  You know how I know that because she is 30 years older than me!  I am grateful for my mom!  She has been by my side through just about everything in life.  She may not have been physically present but she was a phone call away.  I talk to her just about every day and if I don’t she’s in a panic because she can’t get ahold of me!  While we had a few years where it was a bit of rough waters, like my doctor told me having a baby will change that and Lily sure did!  Some random things about my mom:


  • She showed cattle in 4-H.
  • She would have rather been out in the fields with her dad than in the house cleaning.
  • She gets that people matter more than a clean house!
  • She is one of the most crafty people I know and I am pretty lucky for that because when I need something done, I call her, send her a picture and it magically appears at my door!
  • She loves well!
  • She does NOT know how to take a “normal” picture!  Perhaps when she passes away we will have to have her face funny because that’s how she was.  But I don’t want that to happen any time soon!
  • She loves Christian Music and she loves Jesus!

I am glad she’s my mom!  Can’t wait to spend a few days with you and dad down in Texas in a few short weeks!!!  Love you!




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