Top FiVe reasons why YOU should come join the JcPenney TEAM!


As the fall season turns into Christmas and you may be looking for some extra cash!  I want to invite you to come join me at JcPenney at Hamilton Town Center!  Here are my top FIVE reasons why I LOVE working there!

5) The discount!  Who doesn’t love a great discount PLUS you get to use your COUPON AND if you have a JCP card you get to use your Rewards!!!!  

4) The atmosphere!  The store is one of the nicer Penney’s stores!  It’s bright, contemporary and inviting!

3) Fun!  We have a TON of fun!  Who know’s what you may see a manager dressed up as around Black Friday!  We celebrate our accomplishments and cheer each other on!  And when your having FUN it doesn’t seem like work!

2) The employee’s and MANAGERS!  They are all a great group of people to work with!  It’s a wide age group of people who bring a lot of variety to our store!  

1) Fair and Square!  I’ve worked for several major companies who say they follow the golden rule but don’t practice it.  JcPenney does BOTH! They practice it and the say it!  

So, come join me!  Go to and click on Noblesville, IN.  

There are positions in our Salon, Customer Service Associates and if helping customers is NOT your thing we have an AMAZING team that does merchandising and door to floor!  

**No I did NOT get paid to say this!****

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