Randomness, Thoughts

Two HUGE steps of growth have happened over the past week or so…still a ton more to happen but wanted to share!

Y’all know how a few weeks ago things were really really mountain top high at work, well the next day they nose dived.  I won’t go into details, nothing life altering or that is changing my course but the OLD me, even a year ago would have walked away rather than address the issue.  I don’t like to face conflict, so I tend to walk away which is NOT healthy for anyone.  I stayed and my manager looked at me and said “this is fixable!” Oh, how I am blessed with a manager that shows compassion on a daily basis and truly cares!  


This past weekend a couple of times the old me would have gotten vocal and said some things that I later would regret but NOPE not this weekend.  I kept my mouth shut realizing that it would be over quicker than I knew what and was it really worth it?!? NOPE!  So, those are my two steps of growth!

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