Happy Happy Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my dad’s 67th birthday!  While he is no longer here to celebrate it with, he was not about celebrating it for him but for others!  Last summer my kids and I went back to Iowa to do what dad would have done on his birthday!  My bonus mom Sandy and I were surprised when we went to the Jefferson pool and asked if the Friday we were there if we could throw money in the pool like dad did and they said “OH!  We have Jay’s birthday on the calendar!  We were like wait, don’t you know he passed away!  They said yup but we were going to do something for it anyways!”  No one knew how long dad had been throwing money into the town pool on his birthday or how much!  It varied from year to year!  He also got DQ Ice Cream cakes and shared with the kids in town at the pool that day!  My dad also would buy long stemmed roses and pass them out at the hospital where he worked and around town to the people he came in contact with on a daily basis!  Dad was about OTHERS!  So, on his 67th birthday, go buy a rose and GIVE IT AWAY!  Maybe to someone you know!  Maybe to a complete stranger on the street!  I’ll never forget one time we were at Sam’s Club and dad bought a dozen roses and stood by the front door and passed them out to random people as they came in the door.  It was amazing to see other people’s reaction!  Dad knew how to pay it forward!  


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