I’m going throw two things into one here!

First is this, I have TWO AMAZING leaders that I work with!  One being my Store Leader and the other being my Department Leader!  Both appreciate and value who I am and what I bring to the table at work.  And that is all that I’m going to say about that! 🙂


Now, GRIEF!  UGH!  I HATE GRIEF!  It is a part of life and whoever said that Grief get’s EASIER with time, well they are LYING!!!!!!!   I lost my dad December 18th 2012.  It was quick, there was no time for good byes, there was no time for closure.  I may not have seen my dad frequently due to him living in Iowa and me in Indiana but I did talk to him almost daily until he got ill and it was too much for him to talk on the phone.  This Sunday dad would have been 67!  Yes, he had just turned 65 and retired at the time of his passing.  There are day’s where I’ll be just fine because I’m able to shove the thoughts of him down deep enough and then there are days like today where it just sits there right at the surface and I’ll tear up at any given moment.  Grief is a strange emotion.  If I didn’t have grief I would think that something was wrong because my dad and I had a special relationship.  I know that I will see my dad again in heaven but until then Grief and I will wrestle with each other often!  Dad I know you would be proud of my latest accomplishment!



This is dad with Timmy at our favorite place!  The first of many trips there!

Thank you dad for teaching me how to make memories!

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