Peace that is what I have right now!  After a month of mulling, crying and fretting over what to do about my current job situation, I have PEACE!  I have applied at other places with no luck.  I wanted to stay at JcPenney’s at ALL cost but the frustration that was coming from lack of income was eating at me way to much.  Some would stay stick it out, it will get better but when you are in the midst of this storm it is difficult to stick it out because there is no predicability in this storm.  I LOVE working in retail!  I LOVE all the people I work with but there was one thing and it’s kind of crucial in life was the income!  You have to be able to put food on the table, gas in the car and keep shelter over your head.  I have been grateful to have an ever so gracious roommate who has allowed me to not pay a months rent but it was eating at me!  After having to go to the food pantry last week, that was a humbling experience in and of itself, I knew that something had to change and had to change soon!  

I am leaving the job that I LOVE in retail at JcPenney’s to go back to the call center working with Apple.  A job that I can do and do it well but is that where my heart is…NO!  But it is where it will be for this season of life until I am done with college.  There is nothing that makes me smile more than knowing I am doing a great job or to have a former supervisor say when the season rolls back around I would be happy to have you back and I hope Apple know’s how lucky they are to have you!  

I am NOT leaving on bad terms with JcPenney’s it is my hope that when I am finished with college that I will be able to find a job again in the retail industry that I LOVE but until then I must do what I need to do for this season of life and that is the call center.  Closer to home, better pay and full time.  

I am grateful for the peace that has come from making that one phone call today.  The peace that I will not be having to fight to decided which bill to pay but rather which to pay extra on!  

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