Spirit Song!

Last weekend I spent a few days with Lily at Spirit Song at Kings Island. I had bought tickets back in March for the three day festival to celebrate her birthday. You see, instead of buying my kids a bunch of stuff they don’t really need, I am working to teach them the value of time and creating memories. For birthday’s and even Christmas we agree on an activity that we would like to do together rather than gifts and they actually LOVE it!

We were unable to go to Spirit Song on Thursday night but blessed friends with those tickets. I had initially sold my tickets for Friday and we were going to just go down on Saturday but the more I thought about it, I thought how CRAZY was I to drive down and back all in one day! I tweeted Mac Powell of Third Day and was able to get 2 tickets for Friday night! We arrived just a little before Matthew West started to play. We got in and had seats a few rows back from the side. It was an amazing time and Mac Powell asked for request’s and I YELLED “Forever!” He said, “Your Loud! And I don’t think I can remember the words! That’s an old song!” Needless to say this was by far the BEST Third Day concert I have been to, and I have been to A LOT as I have seen them in concerts since 1998!  I heard a little secret, to watch out for a new album coming from Third Day this fall with HYMNS on it!

You Matter!

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