Spirit Song part 2

Friday night Lily and I went back to the hotel and took showers, we were a HOT mess!  We got to sleep around 12:30 and were back up and ready to head back to the park around 9:15 or so.  We got near Kings Island and we hit the traffic.  It took us about a half hour to get into the park.  It wasn’t all that bad as we jammed to Toby Mac and others.  We went on the Ragging River FIRST and we went on it TWICE!  We were the only ones in our raft and to say we were a sopping mess would be an understatement!  After the first round, I checked my shorts and they were SOAKED!  I didn’t even think about having Khaki’s on!  But they were soaked THROUGH and I asked Lily if you could see through my shorts and she was like YUP mom you have on Pink underwear!  Lovely!  Just LOVELY!  Thankfully my shirt was long enough in the back and covered the pink!  We went on the ride again and then headed towards over priced food and a show.  Lily is not much of a ride girl so, we went to a few rides and watched them.  We did go on the bumper cars though and she LOVED them!  We saw a few more shows and then headed over to the water park.  We may or may not have had ice cream cones without napkins!  It may or may not have been a SOPPING mess too!  We also went up in the Eiffel Tower!  That actually is a great place for a birds eye view of the park and to take pictures.  Next stop, water park!  It was INSANELY busy!  After a few rounds on the lazy river, I saw the storm clouds rolling in.  Lily wanted to go to the splash area and I watched and waited for them to close the water park.  They did and poor kid didn’t even get to go down one slide but safety first!  We changed and headed back towards the park and car.  We grabbed a quick snack and headed over to Timberwolf Theater, where Building 429 was playing along with Jeremy Camp and of course TobyMac!  Lily was SUPER PUMPED about TobyMac and our seats were dead center! PERFECTION!  It was raining some and Lily was complaining about being wet and I told we have been wet nearly all day!  By the time Jeremy Camp was half way through his set, the rain cleared and it was a perfect night!  TobyMac did NOT fail along with the Diverse City!  Amazing show!  After the show Lily finally decided to go on the swings!  She liked it after she got used to the feeling.  We went in the Eiffel tower again and then another ride and headed home.  It was a great time filled with wonderful memories!  We will defiantly plan on this again next year!  If you want a festival to go to, I HIGHLY recommend SPIRIT SONG!


DSC01705DSC01718 IMG_3416 IMG_3412 DSC01795 IMG_3405 IMG_3404 DSC01786 IMG_3401 IMG_3403 IMG_3399 DSC01827 DSC01767 DSC01826 DSC01816 DSC01813 DSC01809 DSC01763 DSC01791 DSC01743 DSC01736 DSC01729 DSC01720

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