Photo less Thursday!

Hi y’all!  I’ve been enjoying being busy at work!  A few things of interest!

  • I came to the conclusion on Monday that I could no longer keep up the crazy car payments and will need to get ride of my car and find a cheaper car.  When I told my mom this, she was speechless!  But I found out that my bonus dad has been praying for me on the way to work for “Common Sense!”
  • I am finally getting the idea that it’s way better to get the homework done BEFORE work and BEFORE fun because then, I can relax and enjoy them both!
  • We went to the Children’s Museum on Wednesday with friends and had a splendid time!
  • Monday night, I was chatting with a friend who said, let’s go to Starbucks!  We went to Starbucks and spent time talking about life!  She know’s my love language!
  • I’m grateful for my friends who hold me accountable and are there to make sure I’m staying focused and keeping the main thing the main thing!
  • I get to learn how to shoot hoops from Ruth Riley this next week!
  • And last but not least once again you never know the power of a QUESTION!  Last week, I didn’t see how I could swing going to Spirit Song at Kings Island for three days, so I put my tickets on ebay and sold my Third Day tickets pretty quick!  Well, the schedule came out and I get off in time to drive down to Kings Island Friday night for the concert!  I have points for my hotel stay too!  So, I checked around with a few people for tickets but no one had extra.  I really didn’t want to pay for the tickets because we will be pulling in just in time for Third Day, so, I asked Mac Powell via twitter if he could help me out and he checked and he could!  So, tomorrow night Lily and I get to celebrate her birthday over the course of TWO concerts!!! Third Day tomorrow night and Toby Mac Saturday night!  He is FAITHFUL!!!!  I keep thinking that I should be listening to his still small voice about doing some work in the Music Business.  Everyone keeps telling me that is my gifting, because I know so much and have the personality for it.  It’s all in His timing though not mine!
  • Oh and if I didn’t tell you already my baby boy jumped off the diving board!!! My dad would have been so stinking proud!  I know I was!
  • And one last thing I PROMISE!  My baby boy know’s that there is this HUGE Oloft where I work at!  It’s really dirty!  It’s a stuffed Oloft.  Every time we go into work, he wants to go see it!  He asked me who my boss was the other day and I told him.  He said well he’s really nice.  I agreed.  My little boy said “You tell your boss, I want to work for him so I can earn Oloft.”  I chuckled and said okay but you have to be a little bit older to work at there.  I love my kids!  They are the sweetest!v

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