One of those day!

Do you ever have one of those days where you wake up and…….

-You find not one but TWO emails from your professors granting you GRACE, in assignments!

-You go to the bank and the banker helps you out!

-You have to humble yourself and ASK for help!  (Not easy for me to do!  Much rather be the giver!)

-You LOVE your job!  Really, I do!

-While driving home from your awesome job, you have your iTunes on shuffle and the perfect song comes on to cap off the day of Grace giving you have received!  My friends Alanna Story have recorded this song “Never Once”!  The message in the song is so powerful!  Because God is ALWAYS there, with us!  He NEVER leaves us nor forsakes us!  It is US who moves away from him!  Sit and bask in all that HE has done for you today!

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